The month of March marks the advancement of women’s accomplishments, rights, and successes. It is when widely recognise and honor women for their contributions to society. Similarly, International Women’s Month is a big deal at Flexisource IT. And we kicked off our celebration by featuring our very own Chief Operating Officer, Missy Arcenal, in our last article.

This week, we will highlight the strong women of our recruitment team. Our recruitment team has been crucial to the success of Flexisource IT. For years, they effectively helped our company expand its resources, grow our business, and attain top-level talents for our clients.

Likewise, meet the women behind our recruitment team. 

women's month

Jill Neka Vega

Jill is a Senior Technical Recruiter at Flexisource IT. She has more than 8 years of experience in human resources and recruitment, working for various companies in the outsourcing and technical industry. 

Working for four years at Flexisource IT, Jill has been a significant asset to the company. She has built its pool of candidates, appointed deserving candidates, and improved the organization’s overall recruitment practices. 

Arh-Lyn Cruz

Lyn is an experienced Senior Technical Recruiter at Flexisource IT. She has more than 8 years of working as a technical recruiter with a history working with outsourcing and offshoring companies, primarily handling software development and other technical positions.

Being with the company for 2 years, Lyn has successfully sourced out various high-level and senior IT and development roles at Flexisource IT. She even contributed to implementing and developing new innovative ways to recruit the perfect candidates in the Philippines. 

Pattiana Bandiwan

Pat is an exceptional Senior IT Recruiter of Flexisource IT. She has over 10 years of recruitment experience with IT and BPO companies based in the Philippines, the US, and Australia. Similarly, Pat has fortuitously recruited excellent candidates in the sector of Information Technology, Digital Marketing, Retail, Life Science, Financial, and Government.

At Flexisource IT, Pat has positively delivered candidates in expert-level IT roles, including senior developers, mid-level digital marketing, and more. In addition, she successfully worked with our clients, catering to their hiring needs and onboarding successful hires to their companies.

Ma. Heysan Balmes

Heys is a Junior IT Recruiter. She has more than 4 years of experience in recruitment, working with companies in the US and Australia. Similarly, Heys is a board-certified licensed professional teacher.

Working for more than a year with Flexisource IT’s recruitment team, Heysan has successfully brought excellent candidates to the company. She also works with our clients, endorsing and onboarding the perfect applicants to their businesses. 

Jeanne Dadufalza

Jeanne is a board-certified Psychometrician and is currently an IT Recruiter at Flexisource IT. She has more than 5 years of experience working in the recruitment industry, working with companies in the IT, marketing, and creative sectors.

Working for more than seven months with Flexisource IT, Jeanne served as the middleman between candidates and the company. She successfully engaged with astonishing applicants, inviting them to the company and our clients.

Pamela Chelsea Ortiz - Content Wizard

Pamela is a full-time content writer and a lifelong Philomath. Her previous experience as a research analyst made her passionate about traveling the world and understanding how it works. During her day off, you can often find her indoors, writing stories or oil painting.

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