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richard gross ceo
With more than 20 years of knowledge in the business field and global financial market, CEO and Founder Richard Gross is driven to help businesses and startups to scale up and grow rapidly. 
melbourne australia
While he was working in Melbourne, he observed problems in onshore talents and cost-efficiency that halt the development of businesses in Australia. 
He explored opportunities abroad and went to Asia’s leading knowledge and business process technology Hub Philippines to open his first office in Manila. He gathered the most competent IT professionals, project managers, and marketing strategists to revolutionise traditional outsourcing practices. Thus, Flexisource IT is born.
Flexisource IT’s name came from flexible and sourcing which Richard adapted in his hybrid business model: flexible sourcing of offshore staff that functions just like your in-house employees.

Using its specialised project management methods Scrum and Kanban, Flexisource IT team promises to deliver satisfying results to their business partners so they can concentrate on growing their businesses.

We Know What Works

Of all the potential countries to outsource to, why exactly should you consider the Philippines? Here’s a set of reasons why:

Flexisouce IT  No Communication Gaps Flexisouce IT  No Communication Gaps

No communication Gaps

You won’t need to worry about gaps in instructions and communication! This is due to the fact that the Philippine people’s second language is English.

Flexisource IT Service-Oriented Culture Flexisource IT Service-Oriented Culture

Service-Oriented Culture

The Philippines has been internationally known to have people who are kind and hospitable. Add that into the fact that Flexisource IT’s people have been trained to be particularly customer service-oriented (in any department) and you’ll have a guaranteed great customer experience.

Flexisource IT Reliable Educational System Flexisource IT Reliable Educational System

Reliable Educational System

The Philippines educational system has been established to be strong and particularly reliable enough to create highly-skilled workers that are ready and willing to take on any relevant job that comes their way.

Flexisource IT Already established World-Class Choice Flexisource IT Already established World-Class Choice

Already established World-Class Choice

The Philippines is currently the world’s top BPO destination as ranked by Tholon’s (2014-2016) and AT Kearney (2016). Besides that, years in the business process outsourcing industry have taught the Philippines how to be globally competitive, giving it an edge in terms of experience.

Core Values


We value transparency, accountability, and integrity in everything that we do to provide quality output and excellent results.

flexisource intergrity


We respect and embrace everyone’s differences; be it race, ethnicity, gender, and other ideologies. We take time to listen and learn from one another.


We are setting the bar high when it comes to performance, we don’t do mediocre. We are into pushing ourselves to do better and be better.


We use innovative processes to add value and continuously excel.


We believe in everyone’s capability to collaborate and practice the art of teamwork.
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