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Flexisource IT is the best gateway to the rich offshore service talents of the Philippines. Dedicated IT team, BPO support services, and Digital Marketing come in best quality and most cost-efficient terms from the world’s top outsourcing hub.

We Know What Works

Of all the potential countries to outsource to, why exactly should you consider the Philippines? Here’s a set of reasons why:

No communication Gaps

You won’t need to worry about gaps in instructions and communication! This is due to the fact that the Philippine people’s second language is English.    

Reliable Educational System

The Philippines educational system has been established to be strong and particularly reliable enough to create highly-skilled workers that are ready and willing to take on any relevant job that comes their way.

Service-Oriented Culture

The Philippines has been internationally known to have people who are kind and hospitable. Add that into the fact that Flexisource IT’s people have been trained to be particularly customer service-oriented (in any department) and you’ll have a guaranteed great customer experience.

Already established World-Class Choice

The Philippines is currently the world’s top BPO destination as ranked by Tholon’s (2014-2016) and AT Kearney (2016). Besides that, years in the business process outsourcing industry have taught the Philippines how to be globally competitive, giving it an edge in terms of experience.



Flexisource IT is founded by Richard Gross who is based in Melbourne, Australia. He was a successful investment funds manager covering the global financial corporate landscape for over 20 years from the US, Geneva, Hong Kong and Australia.  He has utilised his vast experience to identify an opportunity to bridge the shortage of quality IT personnel and the enormous wage disparity to create a hybrid model which provides better results and less risk than traditional outsourcing.

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