Level 1-3

Isolating technical issues and designating uniquely qualified technicians to deal with them not only saves time and effort, but the structure also ensures that resources are not wasted and assigned to the appropriate need.

This is the logic behind the tiered structure of technical issues, so that a specific issue can be designated as being a concern that can be addressed over the phone by consulting a checklist or simple Q and A (Level 1), a concern that requires the attention of specialists with more advanced technical knowledge and training (Level 2), or a concern that requires the involvement of an IT professional with specialised expertise, who may need to pay a visit to the concerned parties to deal with the issue firsthand (Level 3).


As such, our specialists have more than adequate training and knowledge to determine what tier an issue may fall under, and thusly assign the necessary professional to deal with it.

We use a clear hierarchy for or IT support so that issues and solutions are organized. This also helps the higher levels to prioritize heavier issues that need better support.


For instance, low priority problems such as password resets can just be given to Level 1 IT support. This opens up Level 2 and Level 3 for more serious tasks such as remote assistance and escalation of issues.

Level 2 tech support are also often reserved for user device support. These are issues with the device itself such as connection or screen issues. It can also be related to specific issues that are common for some devices. Most of the time Level 2 supports are given walkthroughs for these common issues that may arise from time to time.


If the Level 2 support was not able to fix the device problems just yet, they are often required to escalate the issue to Level 3.

These Level 3 support is often given tasks to repair and maintain database if needed. For instance, a customer might have corrupted data that is the root of their problems.

Level 3 support has the most expertise in a certain field. We have abundant resources for all three levels.


We can also provide you with so-called Level 0 support which covers automated solutions for lesser problems which do not require the assistance of a help desk.

If all else fails, we can also refer to Level 4 support which are rarely used because they come from vendors of the softwares themselves. We guarantee that all of our Level 1, Level 2, and Level 3 supports will be able to take care of your customers issues.

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