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Outbound Customer Service Team

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    Customer Service Outbound

    Having a good rapport with your potential and current customers establishes a good customer experience in your business. Communication is an important part of your business success and having the right people who can properly relay your key messages is important.

    Reaching out to potential clients about brands and businesses, or doing follows up on issues can be quite a challenge even for the most seasoned of customer service specialists, but because we value fostering a good working relationship with anyone we deal with, this trait in integrated in how our specialists conduct themselves, and to this date, it has never failed them.

    Why is Outbound Customer Service Important?

    • ✓ Customer retention is more cost-effective than customer acquisition.
      Inbound Customer Service is a representation of your brand image, mission, and values.
      Happy customer service employees serve as a “happy pill” and will create satisfied customers.
      Happy customers will refer your brand to others
      Effective Inbound Customer Service helps to create a loyal fanbase of your products and services.
      Customers are more willing to pay more to businesses who can accommodate them and have excellent customer service.
      Inbound customer service employees can offer important insights in improving your overall customer experience journey.
      It greatly affects the customer lifetime value which helps in offering other products and services as customers engage with your brand further.
      It also creates better marketing opportunities for businesses.
      Effective Inbound Customer Service serves as a competitive advantage to competitors who do not have the same quality of customer support.

    Flexisource IT’s Oubound Customer Service Team:

    • ✓ Thorough knowledge of the product
      Communication and positive language
      ✓ Goal-oriented focus
      Time management skills
      Persuasion skills and tenacity
      Willingness to learn

    Collaboration Tools we use:

    Why should you trust Flexisource IT?

    Right resources

    • We assist you in identifying your roadblocks and help you attain and maximise desired results through flexisourcing.

    Top-Calibre IT professionals

    • You may handpick your team based on your needs from our pool of talented IT professionals.

    No Lock-In Required

    • It is in our best interests to give your desired results; thus, we don’t require lock-in deals.

    Dedicated Project Manager

    • To ensure the success of every project, we included a project manager to monitor and ensure efficient delivery.

    Your Partner for Innovation

    • Flexisource IT is your partner in innovation, creating reliable delivery teams of top-calibre remote web developers. Our flexible outsourcing or flexisourcing, hybrid staff augmentation model helps you personalise teams fitted according to your needs.
    • Our remote web developers are well-versed in project methodologies, especially in Agile (specialising on Scrum and Kanban). If you’re looking for capable IT professionals for remote IT support roles, go for Flexisource IT.

    How we Manage our Teams and Projects

    We understand that every project needs to be monitored, tracked, and managed to ensure progress, productivity and efficiency of teams. In outsourcing web development, it is critical to keep seamless operations to make sure goals and targets of the project are met.

    At Flexisource IT, we see to it that every project is handled by dedicated project managers, business analysts, and quality assurance analysts to achieve the best quality of work. Meanwhile, our team managers handle issues and improve everyday processes and manage team goals, motivations, and morale.

    Our project managers and team managers are also equipped with project management and team management certifications in:

    • ✓ Agile Certified Practitioner 
    • ✓ Master Project Manager
    • ✓ Certified Scrum Master
    • ✓ Lean Six Sigma

    As your reliable, handpicked, dedicated IT team, we shifted into a fully remote working setup, assuring on-time and quality delivery to clients. As an IT outsourcing company, we are fully capable of handling remote projects among our other skill sets.

    Our management team fully transitioned to a remote team without difficulties in workflow and processes because of swift action and hybrid approach of staff augmentation. Overall strategies in ensuring proper management and quality delivery:

    • ✓ Tracking of tasks and building KPIs
    • ✓ Assigning projects to managers with personal technical knowledge and experience on each specific project.
    • ✓ Understanding thought process and improved technical expertise
    • ✓ Estimating timeframes
    • ✓ Implementing Flexisource QA process
    • ✓ Creating productivity tools
    • ✓ Agile Coaching
    • ✓ Regular team health checkups in Manila
    • ✓ Data-driven tracking and forecasting
    • ✓ Tracking performance to set up KPIs and SLAs


    Flexisource IT is your best gateway to outsourcing high-calibre IT professionals in the Philippines. We provide an overseas division of your company and handle recruitment, facilities and equipment for you (including a dedicated workstation, tools and equipment, amenities), payroll and HR, recruitment, and IT support.

     How does flexisourcing IT reduce costs dramatically?

     Offshoring your business to Flexisource IT allows you to dramatically reduce labor costs (70% less than what normal cost onshore) but still offer competitive salary packages to employees.

     What roles can I offshore?

     With Flexisource IT, you can offshore a variety of roles with the talented IT professionals in the country in IT Development, Support Services, and Digital Marketing. Nearly anything your team does digitally can be done remotely by an offshore team. With thousands of talented IT professionals, we can build any team your company might need to offshore. 

     What timezone does Flexisource IT operate?

     Flexisource IT caters to Australian clients  and operates in Australian and Philippine time zones.  Support teams work on various shifts to cater for customer and technical  support services.

     How do I build a dedicated team in the Philippines?

     Contact us today and you will have a built offshore team in a matter of weeks.

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