Accelerating Equality and Inclusivity for Women at Flexisource IT!

International Women's Day

Accelerating Equality and Inclusivity for Women at Flexisource IT!

The month of March commemorates the celebration of women’s history around the globe. It is the time when we reflect, celebrate, and honor the women who worked tirelessly for the future and made fearless strides toward equality and equity. 

Flexisource IT has been a supporter of celebrating women’s accomplishments, contributions, and victories around the world since it began. We are dedicated to supporting women in the workplace and providing them with equal opportunities for career growth and development.

And to commemorate this year’s International Women’s Month themed #EmbraceEquity, Flexisource IT will feature some outstanding female leaders within our company. These inspiring women have worked hard to reach their goals and make an impact in their respective fields. From entrepreneurs to engineers to marketers, the women at Fleixsource IT come from diverse backgrounds but share a common goal: to make a significant change in the community.

And what better way to start this series than by featuring our very own Chief Operating Officer, Missy Arcenal. 

Meet Missy Arcenal

Missy Arcenal

Raised to be independent and methodical, Missy Arcenal found her purpose in helping people realise their potential and identify career opportunities. She saw firsthand the need to work hard to flourish and succeed as a child. Since then, she has made it her mission to take on any challenges that come her way and fight any adversities.

Missy Arcenal

Missy graduated Magna Cum Laude with a degree in Economics from the University of the Philippines Diliman. She later took her master’s degree in Project Management at Ateneo de Manila University. Thereafter, Missy worked for various large enterprises and companies. She has over 15 years of experience handling and overseeing the business operations of well-known IT companies in the Philippines, including IBM and QBE insurance. Likewise, she also has more than 10 years of experience working with dozens of Australian companies.

Missy Arcenal

As COO, Missy has inspired both men and women at Flexisource IT. Her tenacity has served as a beacon of light in encouraging employees to step up and lead. Through sheer hard work, she guided our company to growth and success. From barely 16 individuals, Flexisource IT now has more than 200 experts, catering to numerous companies in Australia. 

Today, Missy Arcenal is one of the most sought-after leaders in the industry.

Be without limits with Flexisource IT!

Missy Arcenal

We hope that featuring this remarkable woman can inspire more young girls and women to pursue their dreams and reach for success. Likewise, we encourage everyone to participate in celebrating women’s achievements and recognising their hard work. Flexisource IT believes that by creating an inclusive environment, we can empower more women to reach their full potential.

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