Reasons Why Outsourcing Mobile App Development Matters

Today, smartphones are a big part of everyone’s life. Most people can’t go out with their mobile phones as they heavily rely on them, even with minor grocery purchases or banking tasks. And according to Statista, Smartphone users are even expected to rise to 7 billion users all over the world.

Therefore, mobile applications are a huge need for any company. Mobile applications are a gateway to revenue, customers, and retention. However, developing a mobile business application is not that easy. Some various tools and processes must be undertaken and could take a while.

Thus, many companies are not opting to outsource mobile app development. In this article, we will tackle ten reasons why you should hire an offshore app development company for your mobile app development.

Why Should Businesses Have a Mobile Application?

As mentioned earlier, a mobile application is a gateway to opportunities for many businesses. Here are some reasons why you should develop a mobile app for business:

  • Interact with your customers at all times
  • Promote new products and create a marketing channel
  • Provide information to your customers
  • Increase retention through a loyalty program, etc.
  • Stand out from the competition
  • Build brand recognition
  • Increase revenue and sales
  • Enhance your marketing strategies through data and analytics.

10 Benefits of Outsourcing Mobile App Development

One of the biggest dilemmas of most companies when outsourcing is deciding whether it’s worth it. While some may believe outsourcing is an excellent solution to a business need, others fear it is not worth the investment. They would opt to choose to hire an in-house development team.

So, to help you understand why outsourcing should be your choice, here are ten benefits of outsourcing mobile app development.

1.   Provides cost-effective solutions

According to, the average cost of developing a mobile app can go around $25,000 to $100,000, depending on its complexity. These costs can be itemized on the factors involved in the development, such as the hourly salary of experts, development tools, servers, maintenance, and more.

Likewise, one major reason companies hire a third-party agency to develop their apps is its cost-effective solution. Outsourcing mobile app development can help you lower development costs by up to 70%. These include tools, recruitment fees, maintenance costs, equipment, training, and more.

Most third-party outsource providers take care of these needs and provide you with experienced and highly skilled developers at a lower cost than hiring an in-house app development team.

2.   Increases operational efficiency

Developing a mobile app takes time and process. Likewise, it needs to be maintained, updated, and have new features to keep up with the changing trends and technology. As a result, your core team will be disturbed to work on their usual tasks, decreasing the operational efficiency of your business.

Outsourcing mobile app development can help you have increased operational efficiency. The third-party agency will handle all development – from planning, developing, implementation, to launching. This means that your core employees can spend more time making your business adaptable and ready.

3.   Gives access to a broader pool of experts

Like other countries, Australia has a skill shortage in Information Technology, Software Development, and Computer Engineering. Most of these occupations are listed on the Skills Priority List (June 2021) by National Skills Commission in Australia. And on another note, the demand for the mobile economy is slowly increasing, with over 22.4 million users annually.

Taking these into account, outsourcing mobile app development can surely help you with this problem. Most talents of outsourcing companies come from different parts of the world, including the Philippines, India, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Outsourcing companies from these countries have full government support in enhancing the IT outsourcing sector. With these, you can choose your team based on your requirement, experience, skills, and more.

4.   Provides a complete team onboard

Developing a mobile app requires a complete team of developers, designers, copywriters, business analysts, QA specialists, and more. Creating an in-house development team takes a lot of time and effort. You need to find the right people, sort through various CVs, interview them, onboard them, train them, and give them time to adjust and learn.

Outsourcing mobile app development will help you complete the perfect team, even if you require a highly specialized skilled professional. Not only that, but most IT outsourcing companies also provide a dedicated project manager to lead your team and ensure that they use Agile methodology throughout the development.

5.   Quickly scales based on your need

Product development always comes with a changing scope due to sudden business changes or demands. For the in-house development team, implementing these changes can be challenging. There will be times when your team is managing many other tasks. Moreover, hiring new people would be a waste, especially since you need to train them.

But when outsourcing mobile app development, you don’t need to worry as most IT outsourcing companies are flexible and highly scalable. They usually have enough staff to cover or develop new features or project needs. And if not, they have no problem hiring a new one and onboarding that person with the team!

6.   Ensures quality and expertise

Sometimes, your company will need to develop a feature to cater to your customers’ needs. This looks like a minor problem unless it is not a core competency of your people. And creating this feature could naturally take longer to complete than usual.

On the other hand, outsourcing mobile app development gives you access to more developers with skilled expertise and experience. Through outsourcing, you will have the ability to find a mobile app developer that will fit your product or feature and will surely finish it in no time.

7.   Continues development and maintenance

Developing a mobile app does not necessarily mean that once it’s launched, the project is finished. As mentioned, other aspects come after launch, such as updates, new features, bug fixes, etc. And this can affect the productivity of your internal development team or interrupt their workflow.

Likewise, outsourcing mobile app development surely can help you with continuous growth. Most outsourcing company provides ongoing support, and maintenance, even after developing the main application. From fixing bugs, new updates, marketing, sales, or relaunching, IT outsourcing companies like Flexisource IT will do it all.

8.   Equips you with around-the-clock development and support

Today, applications are not limited by location. They can be used by anyone worldwide or people with different time zones than your companies. Likewise, in too many companies, off-hours are no longer considered off-hours, especially if they are a business-to-customer company. They need to cater to customers’ needs 24/7 instantly, or they will lose business.

Outsourcing mobile app development will give you round-clock support and development. If you need to run an update or fix a bug at 3 am, you can tap your IT outsourcing agency, and they can work while you sleep. This way, you are sure that your application has no errors and that all potential customers are accommodated.

9.   Mitigates risks

When you hire new people for a new project, risks are high. There will be a chance that they will make mistakes, especially since you don’t know their capability. In addition, since they are new to your company, miscommunication may happen, delaying development or worse, making a colossal error that will cost your company.

However, the chances of risks are small by outsourcing mobile app development. As mentioned earlier, outsourcing companies are experienced in developing or building applications for other companies. They know how to do it with quality and on time.

Ensure that the company you are contracting has a good reputation or review. Always look at their previous projects, performances, and contract before signing up with them.

10.        Gives you more time to focus on real business needs

Mobile application development takes a while to create. There will be various stages, quality checking, testing, and more. And most developers could not do it in a month. Watching these can take your mind off the more critical business operations and needs.

Outsourcing mobile app development can help you clear your mind and focus on your company’s long-term needs. Most IT outsourcing companies will take care of the overall development while keeping you updated on the development.

With that said, you can focus more on business expansion strategies and growth opportunities and give more time to prioritize tasks to keep your business running smoothly. More than that, you can even indulge yourself in creating more features for your mobile application!

Develop Your Mobile Application with Flexisource IT!

In summary, outsourcing mobile app development indeed comes with a lot of benefits. It reduces costs and will help you and your company focus on the much-needed activities. It can also help you avoid the hassle of hiring and managing staff.

Just remember, before hiring an outsourcing agency, do your research and look for the best candidate like Flexisource IT! We are one of the best mobile app development companies in Australia and New Zealand. Contact us now

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