The outsourcing industry is moving into a period of great flux. Outsourcing, whether it’s on-shore, nearshore, or offshore is becoming more popular for businesses in almost all sectors and across various industries.

Services such as marketing, technical support, customer support, and other business operations are being outsourced by companies to save time, money, and effort.

From outsourcing non-primary operations, delegating tasks to third-party providers has extended to a much higher level of knowledge-intensive tasks. Knowledge process outsourcing is a subsegment of business process outsourcing which mainly involves knowledge related works.

It is the process of gathering, managing, analysing, and delivering objective insights to businesses. It is usually performed by highly skilled and talented personnel with in-depth knowledge, expertise, and judgment in the field.

The Difference Between BPO and KPO

There is a fine line between Business Process Outsourcing (BPO) and Knowledge Process Outsourcing (KPO). The two are often interchanged by many. Many assume that when BPO is mentioned, it automatically refers to call center agents.

In fact, BPO provides support tasks in various fields such as customer support, IT support, transcription, human resource, and other more.

KPO, on the other hand, provides support for higher-level tasks such as market research, data processing, digital marketing, content writing, graphic design, and more.

Importance of Knowledge Process Outsourcing

Businesses often utilise knowledge process outsourcing services when there is a shortage of skilled professionals to handle specialized knowledge and high-caliber tasks. With the increasing importance of information for businesses, knowledge process outsourcing service providers are now looked up by most organisations. 

Here are some more benefits of engaging with KPO service providers even for small and medium-sized business entities:

  • Advanced Analytics Solutions

KPO service providers manage a pool of talented and highly skilled professionals who are experts in the field. With such in-depth knowledge and expertise, KPO companies help businesses with advanced analytics solutions such as customer behavior, buying patterns, and habits.

  • Innovative Solutions

They can also provide innovative solutions that help businesses track and study their competitors’ behaviors, pricing strategy, and launching of new products.

  • Better Management

Information provided by KPO service providers allows business owners and leaders to handle their businesses in a better manner. Aside from giving out suggestions to help improve the products or services you offer, they can as well improve your brand image and business reputation.

  • Efficiency

Other benefits include reduced time spent on market and product development without sacrificing the delivery of better performance. Information provided by KPO companies helps businesses to better handle their suppliers, customers, and other stakeholders. They also help businesses achieve a great reduction in their operational costs while helping boost their level of efficiency.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing In The Philippines

The Philippines has always been one of the primary outsourcing destinations for most businesses across various fields. It is also evident in the past decades that the outsourcing industry in the Philippines has significantly matured and is constantly evolving.

The country does not only take pride in its edge in business communication with no issues in language barriers. The Philippines is also abundant with highly-skilled professionals and experts in various fields of work.

Knowledge Process Outsourcing Services In The Philippines

If you are looking for KPO service providers, the Philippines is one of the most desirable places to look for. With a wide pool of talented professionals, you can gain advantages in accessing high-level services that you are looking for. 

Here are some examples of KPO services that you can enjoy in the Philippines:

  • Market Research

Grasping for information on how prospect customers behave is just one of the many dilemmas of most businesses regardless of their size. To acquire essential information such as market behavior and customers’ preferences, market research should be done. Such tasks are needed to set your campaign right.

Data processing professionals are mainly responsible for maintaining the company’s database with accurate and up-to-date information. This may involve financial data, customers’ personal account and information, purchasing records, and other more.

Asides from the basic marketing strategies and techniques that you know and practice, there is more to it. Digital marketing is a component of marketing that utilises online portals to promote products and services. This highly specialized service should be done by highly skilled professionals with an excellent track record and level of expertise in the field.

As you promote your products and services in the market, you will come across various types of competitors. You will need to gather up all your strong points and create an unfair advantage that differentiates you from your competitors. This can be done by formulating a message to reach out to your target audiences.

Aside from written messages which you can use to convey your purpose to your audiences, you may also use a different type of approach. Visual communication through photography, iconography, or illustrations can be an effective tool in delivering your message to your target market.

Why Should You Choose the Philippines for Your KPO Needs?

There are various advantages that you can enjoy in choosing the Philippines for your KPO needs. Here are some of it:

  • Cost-Effectiveness

Outsourcing in the Philippines benefits most businesses with its low-cost in labor, wage rates, and other expenses.

  • Highly Talented Professionals

Filipinos are widely known as highly talented individuals who are capable of handling analytical and intellectual tasks. As educational attainment is one of the primary requirements for entering in the KPO industry, the selection narrows down to only those who are qualified for the position.

  • Flexibility

Filipinos are also best known for being flexible and easy to adapt to various cultures. With minimal to zero issues when it comes to language barriers, Filipinos are the best to work and collaborate with foreign clients.

  • Government Support

The Philippine government supports and recognises the importance of the outsourcing industry both for its citizens and for its foreign relations. The Bureau of Investment (BOI) encourages domestic and foreign investments by offering tax incentives, special economic zone incentives, and other benefits.

The Bottomline

The future of the outsourcing industry holds boundless windows for opportunities as it continues to prosper and evolve. Whatever the future may unfold, one thing is for sure.

Businesses that are not afraid to seek help and delegate tasks to experts will strengthen their positions and breadth of services in the market. They are more likely to sustain long-term commitments with their valued customers and continually attract more prospects.

Aileen Artiaga is a part-time writer, SMO specialist, and travel enthusiast. She is a curating content, analyzing posts performance, and delivering information to content marketing portals. She also manages her own YouTube channel.

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