Companies utilise implemented reviews on their pages to maximise page ranking in the search engine. If you’re a business owner, a digital marketer, or an SEO expert, Google Search Console has something for you.

Google recently announced some development updates in Google Search Console to help webmasters, digital marketers, and SEO experts with their review snippets.

The tech giant added a new enhancements report, a performance report, and new support for review on the rich testing tool.

Review snippets are “short excerpts of a review or a rating from a website, usually an average of combined rating scores by a great number of reviewers,” according to Google.

A review snippet is one of the most structured data types on the web. Content types such as books, movies, events, products, and more, typically use review snippets.

What’s new with review snippets?

Rich Snippet Enhancement Report

A new review snippet report has been made available to Google Search Console to help owners make the most out of their reviews. It is now available for websites that have implemented reviews or ratings structured data.

The rich snippet enhancement report allows users to view errors, warnings, and valid pages for markup implemented on their website.

In fixing an issue, you can operate the report to validate it. It triggers a process where Google recrawls the affected pages. Content types currently supported as review snippets are covered by the report.

Rich Snippet Performance Report

Meanwhile, Google Search Console enables the user to track the performance of their review or rating marked-up pages on Google Search and Discover through the “Review Snippet” search appearance filter.

This means that you can check the impressions and clicks, and CTR of the result which helps to thoroughly filter more queries and other parameters.

Using the performance report, users can identify trending reviews or rating marked-up pages on Google Search. 

Review Snippet in Rich Results Test

Aside from those previously mentioned, Google also upgraded the rich results testing tool with support for review rich snippets.

After adding the review snippets, users are now able to test a code snippet or submit a URL of a page, then the test reveals if there are any errors for your structured data.

These new updates in Google Search Console help users understand how marked-up review pages perform on Google Search and to spot and fix review issues.


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