Google has opened its doors to shopping as the pandemic shifted the focus of many people and businesses.

This coming weeks, we will observe new changes in search as Google rolls out a new free version of Google shopping. The roll out started in the US, but we are looking forward to observing it in our search engine sometime soon. 

Weeks ago, the tech giant announced its opening of Google shopping tab which will consist primarily of free listings which can “help merchants better connect with their consumers, regardless of whether they advertise on Google,” said Bill Ready, president of Google Commerce. 

In a report by Search Engine Land, a Google spokesperson confirmed that Google has begun this roll out, following the announcement weeks ago in the US search engine. Although not yet on full roll out, searchers can now see the result of the update. In the coming week, all US users should see the changes. 

What Google Shopping Looks Like

The lower half of the Google Shopping results are free. Although this update has not been completely rolled out in all search engines. See the new look for the search engine results pages (SERPs). 

Photo credit to Glenn Gabe on Twitter

The free Google Shopping listing can help merchants, digital marketers, and SEO professionals to maximise opportunities of selling their products to customers even amid the pandemic. Through online shopping, businesses can gain visibility and brand awareness with the new update.

Google Steps in E-commerce

By giving a new free version of Google Shopping, the tech giant can appeal to both sellers and consumers. This is also Google’s answer to e-commerce domination of Amazon. This gives opportunities to users who want to ensure their visibility online, since Amazon is already saturated with competition. 

For e-commerce marketers and SEO professionals, this paves the way to another outlet for organic product search optimisation efforts.

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