Expansion in the Philippines with Australia’s IT expertise and investment has become a movement that mutually benefits both countries. The economic growth and benefits provided by this partnership have become a source of IT growth that many will find difficult to ignore.

The growing trend of Australian businesses outsourcing some of their workload in the Philippines has been happening for years. It shows no signs of stopping with the continuous investment and trade. But why is expansion in the Philippines important? And why are businesses choosing to outsource in the Philippines?

Australia’s IT Industry

Recently, Australian business trends have seen an improvement in technology. Australia has become a globally renowned country for its advancement in the IT industry. Their advancement in technology and experience, added with flexibility, has encouraged many professional IT experts to begin their careers. As a result, Australia has become a hub for technological growth. 


This reflects the growth of the tech industry, which only grows larger, and employment for IT-related experts has increased in demand. With too few onshore employees, Australian companies in the Philippines and those in Australia have continued to outsource.

Startup companies have been popping left and right within Australia’s tech scene. These companies are largely set up by young business owners and those who plan to shift into entrepreneurship.

With such a high demand, outsourcing has become a viable entity for the growth of these small- to medium-sized businesses.

Philippines: The Emerging Technohub of Southeast Asia

The Philippines is becoming the innovation catalyst of the outsourcing community. They have a solid understanding of outsourcing, are fluent in English, and have a large population filled with untapped experts ready to take on their skills on a global level.

Now that cloud computations and AI-related software are becoming the norm, the Philippines has been slowly being entered by foreign companies to provide services, mainly outsourcing. The need for data centers will only become higher in the coming years, and with its potential, the Philippines will become the center of this technological advancement in Southeast Asia.

IT Expansion in the Philippines

There are many reasons why IT expansion in the Philippines has become a necessity. Even more so for Australia. Expanding the knowledge and employees of IT workers in the Philippines gives a technology synergy between Australia and the Philippines because of their commonalities in compatibility, language, timezone, and lower costs. This is one of the many reasons why Australian companies outsource in the Philippines.

Australia isn’t the only one looking into the Philippines for its outsourcing needs. America and other nations have chosen Filipino outsourcing companies as their go-to. So much so that the Philippines’ entire workforce has reached over 1.57 million, with a trajectory expected to reach 2.5 million by 2028.

Australia’s IT Expansion in the Philippines

IT expansion in the Philippines is being spearheaded by Australia. What they have is an example of technology synergies. This means that both Australia and the Philippines pour in their knowledge and outputs that produce effective results. But why does Australia choose to expand to the Philippines? And how is it possible that this relationship is booming in the outsourcing community?

Investments in the IT Expansion

IT expansion in the Philippines has become important to the country’s working class. A large number of employees in outsourcing companies rely on this expansion to maintain their financial status. Meanwhile, employers continue to come from all parts of the globe to acquire these talents.

The Philippines, not unlike India, has a large number of English-speaking citizens with talents in software, marketing, and all other professions required in maintaining or growing a business. Employers from different countries who need cost-effective ways to keep up with their business reputation and quality will first look into outsourcing. The connection between the two who need each other couldn’t be more clear.

Benefits and Opportunities

IT expansion in the Philippines isn’t just beneficial for its workforce alone. Other countries with highly demanding jobs in tech can be a difficult place to be in for startups and medium-sized businesses. 

Using short-term employment by outsourcing professionals in the Philippines makes a cost-effective choice with the same amount of quality that an onshore IT expert can give.

Australia takes the lead in investing in Filipino outsourcing. The location of the Philippines makes its timezone similar to Australia, making communication between the two countries more flexible. Another reason is their language. Both countries are fluent in English and can easily respond to one another without fail.

Australia and Philippines in a Mutually Beneficial IT Innovation Movement

The Australia-Philippines tech partnership is a mutually beneficial and prime example of the IT expansion in the Philippines. Australian businesses, regardless of size, are in need of outsourced professionals with the right skillset due to the high demand for IT experts within their country.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has a wide range of professionals who would benefit from working with Australian companies. Combining the high demand for IT professionals and the Philippines workforce is the best solution for both parties.

Impacts on Economic Growth for Both Countries

Keeping up with the demand of tech experts in Australia can be challenging. Especially for small businesses that have just begun growing their capital. Additionally, the supply of tech specialist professionals in Australia cannot keep up with the demand.

Meanwhile, the Philippines has a surge of tech experts that prove useful in the outsourcing community. The employment rate in the Philippines has greatly increased thanks to outsourcing companies. 

Financially speaking, both countries benefit from this symbiotic relationship. Australia’s small to medium-sized businesses can acquire a stable growth rate with fast results under outsourcing. Meanwhile, the Philippine workforce grows with each demand.

Future Prospects and Possible Challenges

The Philippines is headed straight to the tech industry which is growing every year. Australia’s businesses have become financially stable with its help. Soon enough, the wide variety of specialists in the Philippines would expand to more than just IT experts. 

The future is already here. Outsourcing no longer lies within tech support alone. Software developers, digital marketing, and project management have also been included in the outsourcing community.

Following the rapid growth, there will be challenges that one could face when outsourcing staff. A large gap in this type of setting is communication and availability. Outsourcing staff members can make it difficult to communicate directly with your outsourced workers because they are only connected to a third party.

However, hybrid outsourcing has begun its steps to modify traditional outsourcing. Flexisourcing is a new type of outsourcing wherein business owners can manage and choose their outsourced professionals directly. The costs of hiring a Flexisource team are more efficient, the services are wide in variety, and the issue of management and communication is handled by letting the clients speak and manage with their chosen team without third-party interference.


The beneficial aspects of Australia’s IT expansion in the Philippines are priceless. Not only do both countries mutually benefit from the relationship, but it’s also establishing a new tech hub within Southeast Asia. Future outsourcing methods such as flexisourcing are now being developed to their full potential, solving the issues of traditional outsourcing.

Expanding the business of Australian citizens is one thing, but being able to contribute to both nations’ economic growth with such an impact is another. Australians are now becoming more and more financially ready to create startup companies, while Filipinos are steadily being recognized as an untapped source of potential.

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