When the world seemingly took a pause to deal with the global health emergency, many businesses are left to take a step back and prioritise the safety of everyone first. Many companies will need to find ways to survive with the available means necessary. This is where digital marketing comes in. It connects businesses to their customers and audience online. Here are some of the reasons why you should boost digital marketing efforts now to stay afloat. 

People spend more time online

Most of the workforce have been transitioned to remote work or work-from-home setups to still continue some aspects of their business. Many people are staying home and are usually online. 

In fact, the pandemic has skyrocketed the internet use of people globally. Total internet use has increased by 50% to 70% according to preliminary statistics. Streaming also increased in usage during the pandemic which increased by 12 per cent. 

Many people are on the internet to conduct day-to-day activities like buying food and socialising online. As a business, you may maximise this opportunity to reach out to them through different digital platforms.

Digital marketing is cost-effective

Small businesses aren’t only operating on a small budget in many cases, but they also might be barely getting by during the pandemic. Digital marketing is the most cost-effective way to reach potential clients and promote their offerings, making it a more feasible option for smaller operations.

SEO boosts online visibility

During the crisis, a large number of people are shopping online. From clothes to food and electronics, users browse for different products on search engines. Optimising their websites for SEO enables small businesses to be more visible and easily reachable to these searchers.

Keep client engagement through personalised emails

SMEs need to keep their clients engaged in order to survive. There is no better way to achieve that goal without  leveraging email marketing and sending personalized messages to your target customers. Informing them about the current status of your business and giving them useful tips builds trust and loyalty.

Increase credibility through social proof

People look for a trust-worthy source before picking products and services, especially during a crisis. Having a website that features case studies and reviews improves the brand’s reputation and builds trust.

Digital marketing helps boost your business by being more visible, reachable, and known to your target customers and audience. If you want your business to stay afloat, you should boost your digital marketing efforts now with a reliable partner like Flexisource IT.

Flexisource IT is your innovation partner, with fully-managed, handpicked, dedicated digital marketing teams to help you in growing your business.


Bernard is a well-motivated and hardworking person who has acquired extensive training and experience in digital marketing. His broad experience in working with various international brands has helped him developed a strong capacity to manage multiple projects on strict timelines that adhere to brand identity and values. With his years of experience in digital marketing, he goes beyond the average marketers to help businesses achieve outstanding results.

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