Process Design and Implementation

A good understanding of how everything fits and works together is implicitly important in executing any kind of process, more so in process design and implementation. Our specialists are trained to understand the ins-and-outs of involved processes, including contingencies and strategies on how to best deal with them.

Even if you already have a process planned out, our specialists can still help you with implementing it properly. It is not always easy to execute a plan even if you have contingencies in place. Our team is ready to help you on your plans and execution.


Planning is the first step in software development. Having a roadmap cements your app or website idea. With the roadmap, you can estimate the time of development, budget allocations, and process design. Planning helps you strategise and see if there are potential problems and flaws along the way.


Building a website may require hosting and domain name availability. Site requirements from clients should be relayed to anticipate possible changes. Using flow charts is a common part of process design. This is true for plotting the user journey for an app or website. It is also used in trying to increase conversion rates with user experience and interaction.


Our IT experts specialise in using process simulation software. Simulating the flow can be really helpful in identifying drop off or logic problem that may later arise during implementation. Getting possible bugs and glitches out of the way decreases product or service failures. And that’s where Flexisource IT is good at.


Be with your staff in every step of the way. Ensure that your staff has all the equipment that they need to work on their deliverables. Developers cannot code without their computers and designers cannot produce graphics and other materials without proper equipment and software programs.

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