Our Quality Assurance specialists are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Whether there is a need to manually sort out, verify, conduct spot evaluations, our QA experts will go above and beyond to deliver results.

We recognize the attention to detail contributes to the overall quality of output, and we know how disastrous it can be without it. This is why we believe there is no substitute for a keen eye of our specialists who are trained for quick response and problem-solving.


Automated testing saves a lot of time if the cases are right. Instead of a developer personally going through the stages one by one, it can be just be typed into a script. This is especially useful for stress testing apps or if you want to test how much data a program can handle.

Automated testing can be also used to check bugs on huge updates. A standardised scripted test always goes through the steps the same which means any problem that may pop up could be easily be isolated.


Testing automatically is useful in trying out all possible scenarios each and every time there is a new push or feature. Developers can get quite tired when they test the same thing over and over again when they can just code an automated test.

Our software developers know how to develop automated unit testing even for other frameworks and programs. Should you need an automated test for your application, our teams are ready to assist.


Automated tests can be modified regularly without rewriting the whole script if there is a new feature that needs to be added to the experience flow or customer journey. Reports and results are automatically generated so you will just have to read the results, which could be interpreted by your developers as well.


After generating these reports, we recalibrate and find out what worked, what didn’t work and what can work better. This efficient process saves your time and other resources.

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