A Flexisource IT OutRich Program – Visiting the School for the Blind

Pasay City – Last September 12, 2018 Flexisource Flexisource’s CEO Richard Gross celebrated his birthday with the students from the Philippine School for the Blind. This is still a part of Flexisource IT’s OutRich Program where we help the kids who’re showing exemplary performance “Husay’ eventhough they are differently abled. By reaching out to these kids as a company Flexisource employees where able to show their ‘Malasakit’ for them.

A Jollibee Birthday Party was set at the school. The kids where treated to meals from Jollibee and games were also played. Truly this is a moment to remember.
Before the program concluded, the kids were handed out gifts from Flexisource and two kids who were celebrating their birthdays blew out the candles from the birthday cake.

Moving forward we expect to have more OutRich programs in the coming year.
For now, before the year ends, as Flexisource celebrates it’s annual Year End party, we bring you Flexi Queen. This is a ‘Beauty Pageant with a Cause’ which means, whatever the winner gets, they’ll be able to give the same amount to the charity of their choice. Surely this is one way Flexi employees can have fun and at the same time, give help to those in need.


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