Remote IT Services During COVID-19: Keep Your Business Up and Running

Remote IT Services During COVID-19: Keep Your Business Up and Running

Remote IT Services During COVID-19: Keep Your Business Up and Running

With the outbreak of this global pandemic, businesses are forced to adopt varying measures to protect both their employees and customers while managing business activities. From the struggles of telecommuting challenges to re-evaluating in-house operations, businesses are challenged to develop this new work paradigm.

Working from home or outsourcing third-party providers that offer remote IT services during COVID-19 is the best choice to contain the spread of disease.

Remote IT Services During COVID-19 Pandemic

Outsourcing remote IT services during this COVID-19 pandemic is the best step to take to keep your business running amid these trying times.

Remote IT support is a new work paradigm that allows your IT consultant to work without being physically present in your office. There are various remote IT services that you can enjoy depending on what your business actually needs.

Some examples of remote IT services which you may acquire from third-party providers include:

Website Development

Building a website has become the new norm for most businesses today. Recognizing the importance of such necessity, website development is one of the IT services which may acquire from third-party providers. This service includes custom-fit solutions which guarantee you to have not just an aesthetic-looking website but a site with a user-friendly interface as well.

Desktop Application

Desktop tools and applications are essentials for businesses to boosts their performance and productivity. Some desktop applications can be used by a single desktop or multiple desktops in a network depending on the business’ needs.

Mobile Application

If there are desktop tools and applications which can help boost your business’ performance and growth, mobile applications are as well available. In today’s technological age where handheld devices are more common and convenient to use, mobile applications should not be overlooked. Staying up-to-date with technology and technological trends will keep your business competitively advantage in the market game.

Enterprise Software

Every business has its own way of handling its operations. Thus, having a set of tools that work best for them is necessary. Enterprise software is designed for businesses to generate automated reports to save time and for a more efficient business process.

Enterprise software offers computer-based tools such as:

  • Online payment processing
  • Automated billing systems
  • E-mail marketing system
  • Call centre support system

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Another remote IT service that you can enjoy even around this global pandemic is CRM solutions for your business. Customer Relationship Management tools allow businesses to reach out with their customers even in these trying times. Ensuring that all your customers’ demands and issues are all attended to and satisfied is the main goal of this technology.

On the most basic level, CRM is used for businesses to access and manage customers’ information. Over time, additional functions include:

  • Marketing automation. Advanced CRM tools have marketing automation capacities that automate tasks done repeatedly. This includes marketing promotions or materials sent via email, text messages, social media, and other online portals.
  • Salesforce automation. This tool tracks customers’ buying behaviour and automates other business functions to retain existing customers and attract prospects.
  • Location-based services. Some CRM systems include tools that can generate marketing campaigns for a specific location. With the integration of location tracking applications, this tool can be used to track customers and prospects in certain areas.

Project Management

Planning is the first step in software development. Determining the workflow, needed equipment, and implementation requirements require both time and effort on your part. However, you can skip this part without overlooking the contingencies. Outsourcing remote IT support for the process design and implementation will help you plan out everything or implement it properly.

The Bottomline

Remote IT services mentioned above are just a few of the many ways that you can avail during COVID-19. Those support services will greatly benefit your business and keep it going even at times like this. Thousands of businesses worldwide suffer on the impact of COVID-19 pandemic. To be able to withstand this economic crisis, conforming with the new work paradigm is the finest solution.

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