Since the start of the pandemic in 2020, all live events and get-togethers were put on hold to keep everyone safe. Now, as we slowly (but surely) recover from the effects of COVID-19, Flexisource IT has taken a step forward to reconnect face-to-face again after two long years.

So as the year comes to a close, our Flexisource IT family jetted off to Nasugbu, Batangas, to celebrate our annual Year End Party. 

Here is what happened during our two-day fun-filled festivity this FlexSea YEP 2022:

About the FlexSea YEP 2022 venue

The Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club was the top choice for the heads of Flexisource IT this Year End Party. It is an exclusive leisure club by the sea that offers plenty of recreational facilities designed for relaxation and amusement for all its members and guests. 

The Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club is situated within Pico De Loro Cove, a forty-hectare residential resort village. It showcases the Philippines’ dual-natured natural beauty. On one side, lush protected flora and fauna on Mount Pico De Loro, also known as Mount Palay-Palay. On the other, a vast expanse of rich marine protected waters on Hamilo Coast. 

In addition, the Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club was chosen because it ensures all members, guests, and staff are safe by strictly following its COVID-19 safety protocols for staycations. 

A scenic journey in Pico De Loro  

It was an early start for everyone in Flexisource IT. Many of our members drove their private vehicles while others rode the shuttle services provided by the company. Some even flew from other parts of the Philippines a day before to join the Year End Party 2022. 

On the three-hour-long road trip, the view transitioned from the concrete jungle of Metro Manila into the beautiful sparkling Philippine waters on the side of the road. Then it transitioned again into the thick, lush greens and twisting mountainous landscape with the local fauna popping by to say hi. And finally, the rollercoaster-like ride through the mountain roads calmed down and opened with Pico De Loro welcoming our Flexisource IT partygoers. 

So many joined our Flexisource IT Year End Party

Many of our Flexisource IT family drove to Pico De Loro to reconnect and party together.  Even the new hires joined in on the fun. It was an excellent opportunity for everyone to reconnect, build new relationships, and get to know each other outside work and face-to-face.  It was a fun start. So much so that the event hall was packed, lively, and filled with laughter.

An exciting reunion & team building

Year End Party 2022

It was a quiet morning as only a few of our members had arrived early in Baia Hall 3, Pico De Loro Country Club. Some were quietly seated while others were roaming about. 

But as soon as the rest of our Flexisource IT family arrived, the whole room erupted and came alive. Friends who had not seen each other in a long time reconnected, and new team members were warmly greeted and welcomed. 

It was an exciting reunion topped off with a speech from our Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Gross, and our Chief Operating Officer, Missy Arcenal. They shared their respective beginnings, how Flexisource IT started, how the company and its members grew together, and the new and exciting things already underway.

The energy remained high with the help of our gracious hosts from the HR department. The Flexisource IT family joined in on the fun, played mini-games, and shared jokes. Freebies were given to everyone, and lots of pictures were taken to commemorate the festive moment. 

Our friends from Macrovue joined the party.

Year End Party 2022

Year End Party 2022

But what is a party without friends to enjoy it with? It was not just the Flexisource IT family that came to the party. Even our friends, Nick and Naimul, from Macrovue, joined in on the fun.  

A memorable night full of fun & laughter

The real party began just as the sun set on the calm waters of Pico De Loro Cove. 

The sky and sea were stained in yellow, orange, and red hues, giving a beautiful view just as our partygoers slowly made their way to the beachfront venue. Everyone was relaxed, dressed in Hawaiian-themed outfits, and in high spirits in anticipation of what was in store that evening. 

The party started by celebrating the accomplishments and milestones of every member in attendance. Each one was given awards and plaques. Some were even given great giveaways like Flexisource IT merch and smartwatches. 

Smiles were on everyone’s faces as pictures were taken to commemorate their achievements. Once good food was served, and the drinks from the bar started flowing freely, everyone’s smiles broadened, and laughs rang out more loudly. 

The highlight of the evening was the Flexi Got Talent portion of the Year End Party. It is an annual event where everyone can showcase their talents and abilities on stage. This year, our friends from Macrovue were the guest judges alongside our CEO, Rich Gross. 

Crooners shared their heartbreak through their songs. Some danced, breaking out smooth moves in tune with the music. Others just wowed everyone with their multiple talents and stage presence. All the while, everyone egged each other on to get on stage and show off their talents. 

So many prizes & so many winners

Another highlight for FlexSea YEP 2022 that everyone looked forward to were the prizes. 

The winners of the Flexi Got Talent each received cash prizes. But not only that, everyone, whether at the party or not, had a chance to win. There was raffle draws with cash prizes and big-ticket items this year. A motorcycle, a two-day all-expense-paid trip to Boracay, and a PlayStation5.

Year-End Party Highlights

See more of the highlights of FlexSea YEP 2022 in the gallery below:

Another eventful year for the Flexisource IT family

The beautiful moments, smiles, and laughter shared between the Flexisource IT family was the chance to celebrate face-to-face finally. After two years of being cooped up at home and making do with video conferencing to bond together.

FlexSea YEP 2022 was a sign that the world is slowly recovering. We can enjoy, grow, and have fun together like before. More than that, even after two years, our company culture helped create strong relationships even with the distance apart. 

There are loads more in store this 2023! So do not miss our special events, and join us next time! Visit our event page to learn more about our future events.

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