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Ultimate Guide to Become a Web Developer In 2023

In this age of digitalization and the internet, websites are at the forefront of most businesses. Everyone use websites in their everyday lives, from doing simple tasks, buying daily needs, to even communicating with our loved ones.

That is why there is a tremendous demand for website building and web developers. Web developers are the ones who are in charge of designing, creating, and maintaining a website. So, if you want to be one, you are in the right article.

This article will explain a web developer, the three types of web developers, and a few steps on how you can be one!

What is a Web Developer?

A web developer is a person who develops the code for websites, web pages, and mobile applications. They are also responsible for ensuring the website works on all devices and browsers.

Web developers need to know HTML and CSS to create websites. They also need to know JavaScript and PHP to make interactive web pages. Web developers are often called frontend developers because they deal with what people see on the screen. In contrast, backend developers deal with what happens behind the scenes.

What are the three kinds of Web Developers?

Web developer usually falls into three categories – front end, back end, and full stack. Read on to learn the difference between the three.

1. Backend Web Developer

A backend web developer is a person who specializes in the development of the backend components of a website or web application. The back end is responsible for data storage, authentication, authorization, and other similar tasks.

Their primary responsibility is to write code that interacts with databases or other services to store and retrieve data. They also need to maintain the server that hosts the website or application.

2. Frontend Web Developer

Web developers are the people who create and maintain websites. They design web pages, add content, and ensure that the site works properly.

Web developers need to be creative, have an understanding of design principles, and have a good deal of how computers work. They also need to communicate well with others to get feedback on their work and ask for help when needed.

3. Full Stack Web Developer

A full-stack developer is a web engineer who can work on all parts of the development process. This includes the front and back end, database design, testing, and debugging.

Full stack developers are in high demand because they have a wide range of skills that most companies need. They are also required because they can help move projects along faster by handling more than one task at a time.

10 Tips to Become a Web Developer

To become a web developer, you must follow specific steps and requirements such as experience, education, portfolio, and more.

become a web developer

1. Learn the different career paths for web developers

As mentioned earlier, web development has three focuses: the front end, the back end, and the full stack. The first and foremost element of becoming a web developer is choosing a career path or focus.

Whatever you select in the early years of your career will heavily affect or impact your career path. For example, if you choose to become a backend developer, you can advance to become a database engineer.

Moreover, your chosen career path will guide which skills or further training you will decide when upskilling.

2. Master Web Development Skills

When becoming a web developer, you must master specific technical skills such as programming language and several soft skills like communication, depending on your focus. Here are some web developers required skills that you should look into

Soft Skills

  • Effective communication Skills
  • Collaboration with teammates and stakeholders
  • Team management
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking
  • Data analysis

Technical skills

  • Programming languages
  • Testing and debugging
  • Web design
  • Database management
  • CMS
  • SEO

3. Optimise your resume

As a professional, you always need to update and optimize your resume for the job you are applying for. And web development is no different. To become a web developer, you must create a concise and informative resume to establish your skills and showcase your capabilities to a potential employer.

Here are some critical parts that you should include in your CV.

  • Professional summary or objectives
  • Top achievement in your previous work or education
  • Highlight critical skills related to the job you are applying for
  • Education, short courses, and certification
  • Social profiles, including your website, LinkedIn, or other portfolios
  • Interests and hobbies

4. Showcase your skills through a portfolio

To become a web developer, you should showcase an updated and modern portfolio to a potential employer. There are various ways to create a web development portfolio. You can either add links and details of the websites you worked with before or create your digital portfolio.

Try to include the following information in your portfolio:

  • Summary of the project, including the purpose of the website and objective
  • Your part in the project and what you achieved
  • Programming languages, platforms, and other components used to showcase your skills

However, remember to ask your client for permission before featuring it on your digital portfolio. Some clients might not be okay with this.

5. Build your website

If you are a fresh graduate, you probably don’t have other ways to showcase your skill to a potential employer. Still, suppose you already have the basic knowledge of a website and programming languages. In that case, you can try and build your website.

Creating a website is a great way to showcase your skills and capabilities as a web developer. It also helps you explore the functionalities of website building. Moreover, this is a great way to learn and train yourself.

6. Get certified

Certifications are a great way to distinguish yourself from other candidates. Every web developer will say that they know the basics like programming languages, design, and other competencies. However, having a certification will confirm that you have said capability.

Here are some of the most common web developer certifications you should get:

7. Get a degree

While some company does not always require a degree to become a web developer, it certainly can help you stand out from the competition. Choosing what degree to take in college depends on the track you want to take. For example, suppose you are more interested in backend web development. In that case, you might consider taking computer science, data science, or IT degree.

On the other hand, if you feel drawn to frontend development, you can opt for a degree in digital media or web design.

Otherwise, you can also upskill and learn other aspects of web development for the duration of your professional career.

8. Pursue internships

While internships are not vital when pursuing a career in web development, they can be critical work experience for starting web developers. An internship gives a learning opportunity to inexperienced web developers to earn skills they could not otherwise learn alone. In addition, they will also have a chance to engage with clients, collaborate with other developers, or shadow a senior employee.

Likewise, most companies that provide internships usually provide placement or employ their interns in the long run.

9. Take short courses

A short course will benefit you if you can’t get a degree. Short courses are a great way to learn the fundamentals of web development without investing too much or taking formal schooling.

In addition, it is also a great way to acquire new or more skills to enhance your web development capabilities. For example, there are tons of free courses where you can learn programming languages like JavaScript, CSS, HTML, PHP, or Python.

Here are some websites where you can get free or cheap web development short courses.

10. Jumpstart your career

And when you are ready, it’s time to start your career. Search for a company or industry you are interested in working for. Make sure to prepare yourself for the interview. Research the company and their need, and show off your skills.

Start Your Web Development Career with Flexisource IT!

Being a web developer can be arduous and challenging. Still, it provides numerous benefits and advantages such as a high salary, autonomy to be creative, and working remotely. Moreover, the web development field is booming. In Australia, it is estimated that employment opportunities for web developers are estimated to grow by 20.5% in 2023.

So, what are you waiting for? Start your IT career and reach your dreams! And if you are looking for a company to join, Flexisource IT is hiring! Visit our career page to learn page.

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