5 Reasons Why ReactJS is Popular Among Developers and Businesses

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5 Reasons Why ReactJS is Popular Among Developers and Businesses

If you’re familiar with websites like Facebook, Instagram, Asana, Dropbox, and BBC, you might have an idea why ReactJS is popular among developers and businesses.

Developers and engineers needed to find a way to have a dynamic UI and high-powered functions. So in 2011, Facebook engineer Jordan Walke created a way to be more efficient in the software development process by creating a library that helps developers create a web interface using Javascript.

ReactJS was released publicly as an open-source library two years later. It became a popular framework for developers and businesses.

ReactJS is an open-source Javascript framework designed by Facebook. It was created to simplify user interface and a more comfortable user experience. 

ReactJS is a revolutionary approach to programming user interfaces (UI) with its simple yet high performing features. Its core objective is to provide the best possible rendering performance by focusing on individual components. ReactJS allows the software engineer to break down complex UI into simpler components instead of working on the entire web application.

Why is ReactJS popular?

Most developers were forced to do a lot of coding even though other technologies like Angular were widely used.  They had the difficulty of having to rework on their codes on frequently changed components. 

With ReactJS, they were able to complete their projects faster because it allowed them to break down the complex components and reuse codes. Since it uses JSX (a unique syntax that permits HTML quotes and HTML tag syntax application for rendering smaller components), it’s very helpful in compiling components into a single-time verifiable file. It also promotes the construction of machine-readable codes. 

Almost 100,000 sites are taking advantage of using ReactJS because of its simplicity, usability, and flexibility. 

Advantages of using ReactJS

  • Declarative View Using interactive UIs is less painful in ReactJS. It will update and render the right components as the data changes after developers designed simple views for states in their projects. 
  • Reusable ComponentReusing components and codes with the open-source library makes the process easier for developers. They can use the parts that usually appear on webpages to save time and effort in the development process.
  • Virtual DOMReactJS creates a visual representation of the page via virtual DOM with its memory reconciliation algorithm. It updates the necessary changes first before rendering into the browser.
  • Easy to Learn Because of the easy access, many developers can learn and contribute to its library. The more it expands, the easier it is for other developers to learn the language. It’s also quite similar to other javascript programming languages so it’s relatively easier to adopt especially for developers familiar with JS.
  • Other advantages SEO-wise, ReactJS is advantageous. Plus, with the rapid rendering, it’s easier to create UI test cases. Debugging will be less of a hassle because there’s a specific chrome extension dedicated for it.

With its simplicity, usability, and flexibility are reasons why ReactJS is popular among developers and businesses globally. 

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