Web and Mobile App Development for an Insurance Company in Australia

Client Overview:

The client is a pioneer insurance provider known for its commitment to providing data transparency for property repair. With a vision to enhance customer engagement and streamline processes, they embarked on a project to develop web and mobile applications to revolutionise their user experience.


To achieve their goal, the client needed to build a feature-rich web and mobile application that offered seamless access to customer support in a short time. However, they needed more in-house expertise in mobile app development, particularly in the initial stages of the project.


Recognising the need for specialised talent, the client turned to Flexisource IT. We proposed a strategy that involved augmenting a full-stack developer with expertise in web and mobile app development. This approach would accelerate the development process and align with the client’s objectives.

Phase 1: Bubble Developer Implementation:

Flexisource IT swiftly integrated a skilled full-stack developer into the client’s team. Leveraging the capabilities of Bubble Software, a new way of building an app with no code needed, the developer efficiently constructed the mobile application’s initial version. This enabled the client to quickly prototype and iterate their ideas, leading to a functional app with core features ready for testing.

Phase 2: Transition to React:

As the project progressed, the client’s requirements evolved, necessitating a shift towards a more versatile and scalable framework. Because of the Bubble application’s efficiency and effectiveness, the client requested additional requirements to transition to a code-based framework. With the help and expertise of the technical delivery team, they ensured a smooth migration, preserving the app’s existing functionalities while enabling future enhancements.

Key Personnel and ISO Certification:

Throughout the collaboration, the developer and the technical delivery team from Flexisource IT exhibited an unwavering commitment to hardware and software security. They were pivotal in steering the ISO certification process, underscoring the company’s steadfast dedication to upholding rigorous quality standards. Their profound engagement exemplified Flexisource IT’s expertise in technical development and highlighted its proactive involvement in safeguarding the client’s strategic endeavours.

Project Management and Skill Enhancement:

Flexisource IT’s tech lead and project manager were crucial in facilitating seamless communication between the teams. Regular catchup meetings not only helped address technical challenges but also fostered an environment of continuous learning and improvement. The technical delivery team provided valuable advice and mentored the team, enhancing their skills and promoting their growth as developers.

Result and Ongoing Collaboration:

The collaborative efforts of Flexisource IT and the client culminated in the successful development of a cutting-edge web & mobile application. The app streamlined customer interactions, boosted engagement, and simplified claims processing. The partnership continues to flourish, with Flexisource IT actively participating in new projects and consistently delivering innovative solutions.


The Flexisource IT and the client’s partnership exemplify the power of collaboration and adaptation in the dynamic world of technology. By seamlessly transitioning between development platforms, actively participating in strategic initiatives, and fostering skill growth, Flexisource IT demonstrated its commitment to driving client success. The ongoing collaboration is a testament to the value of a fruitful and innovative client-provider relationship.

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