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Executive Summary

Creating a seamless software and platform for your clients is one of the foremost essentials of any business. It improves your company’s reputation, customer service, and quality of integration. In addition, it enables companies to add new features with minimal disruption in their operation and productivity.

And as a leader of IT outsourcing in Australia, Flexisource IT always wants to ensure that we help our clients with their software development needs.  

In this project, Flexisource IT has to lead a team of developers, QA, and Operation Specialists to upgrade a platform, create new software, and add features for an investment company in Australia. We provided top-notch front-end and backend development, QA, and other services while maintaining transparency and honesty during the execution of the product. 

About the Client

Our Sydney-based client is one of the leading innovative online-broker in Australia. They aim to alleviate the hassle of international investing for self-directed investors, making it simple, transparent, and affordable. 

The client has a global investment platform where investors can search, analyze, and trade over a thousand investments and Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). In addition, they also feature a portfolio of the biggest and fastest-growing companies across various industries, making it easier to decide where to buy. 

Client Challenges

As a company that directly engages in the finance and investment industry, the client needs to step up the security of their platform and protect their endeavors.

The client wanted to upscale and organize the current codebase of their platform. In addition, the client wanted to have complete visibility of the team’s development and process.

How Flexisource IT Provided Solutions to the Client

As their long-time partner in developing and improving their product, Flexisource IT analyzed the ins and outs of their business. It proposed the perfect dedicated development team of experts and a project manager to supervise the development process.

In addition, Flexisource IT wants to make sure that we provide complete transparency and clarity to our clients. We offered a monthly visibility report to the client to get a sense of the work item of each team member. 

Our Solutions

Seasoned technical support experts to assist customers 

Hiring specialists at Flexisource IT helps clients reduce up to 70% of costs compared to their onshore counterparts. Reduced fees are beneficial to companies to allocate the funds for other business needs.

Initially, Flexisource IT provided competent people for the various positions that needed to be filled immediately. We supplied our client’s top-notch dedicated team of software developers from seasoned experts in the Philippines. 

The client initially hired software, mobile, and web developers to develop and improve their product.

But as development continued, the client saw the need for additional staff and sought Flexisource IT’s help to recruit experts that fit their requirements. Likewise, Flexisource IT trained, recruited, and appointed more experts, including Quality Assurance specialists and Operation specialists, to deploy to the client. 

Dedicated project manager for overall team performance

On top of the dedicated team of  software developers, Flexisource IT also assigned a project manager to ensure smooth service delivery, and the project is executed correctly. We provide skilled IT project managers who are well-versed in development and IT skills. In addition, we ensure that all our managers have more than ten years of experience in various industries and manage a team using Agile Methodology and frameworks.

Flexisource IT assigned one of our skilled project managers with more than 13 years of software engineering and IT experience in this project. He has handled various QA and System Component Testing, among others. He is also an established Scrum Master and has worked with top tech companies worldwide. 

As the dedicated offshore manager, he supervised the team’s progress – connecting with the team and solving blockers that arose. He also kept close communication with the client to discuss issues he and the client found. They conducted a monthly one-on-one meeting to report their progress directly. 

Monthly Visibility Report

As one of its core values, transparency is essential to Flexisource IT. We want to ensure that the clients are updated with our progress and product. 

Likewise, in addition to the supplied team of developers, Flexisource IT also provided a monthly visibility report to the client. It provided the client transparency and a sense of what each team member was doing and overloaded with tasks. 

In addition, the report presented the length of hours spent on developers each month and identified blockers that have halted their progress. 



The development and monitoring side of the project is still ongoing, and its in the process of completion. And despite that, there has been a significant improvement on the client’s platform.

Client-Side Improvements

Flexisource IT and the client have successfully improved the platform and developed multiple software and features for its business with all the resources and experts supplied. 

In addition, the monthly visibility report has transpired a transparent building between the company and the client. The information helped the client visualize the current state of the software – the status of particular software or feature. 

It also gave them better visibility on the efforts of each team member – evaluate their performance and progress. 

Flexisource IT Improvements

The project did help the client and had a relative effect on the company’s employees and management. 

The monthly visibility report made our developers better in task management. It has effectively increased the efficiency of team members as it identified if a developer is having a hard time on a task based on their length spent monthly. It also helped the manager identify blockers, leading to team collaboration as other developers try to help and support each other. 

Likewise, other potential issues with resourcing and progress are solved even before it affects their productivity. All problems are detected early, and Flexisource IT tries to translate them to the best of its ability. 

Other recommendation

Based on the observance of the project lead, the client needs to create different levels of Automated tests. The client requires a lot of work regarding refactoring their existing code base. There is no additional capacity for making automated tests.


As a leading provider of IT and Digital Marketing experts in Australia and New Zealand, there is no product that Flexisource IT can develop. We ensure that we deliver the best results to your company using the best and latest trends and technology.

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