Unite and Conquer: Building a Stronger Marketing Team Together

Team building

Unite and Conquer: Building a Stronger Marketing Team Together

​​Flexi Digital Marketing has been continuously striving for growth and improvement since its launch in February this year. In pursuit of this goal, the team recently took a trip to Tambobong Beach in the Philippines for their first-ever Team Building activity. 

The team embarked on a road trip to the beautiful sandy beaches of Dasol, Pangasinan, just in time for summer for the team building activity. 

Importance of Team Building for Flexi Digital Marketing

The creative talents at Flexi Digital Marketing understand the importance of team-building activities. Their aim is to foster a sense of community, encourage collaboration, and establish positive work culture. 

Moreover, as a growing company, the Flexi Digital team recognises the essence of team building. Overall, their aim is to build a strong and unified team to effectively reach their goals.

With the team building exercises they have prepared, their aim is to help everyone bond together in a non-work setting. This enabled them to be in the moment, strengthen relationships, and refocus everyone on the goals and challenges ahead. 

The Flexi Digital Team’s First Team Building Activity

The team met up at the designated meet-up spots in Quezon City and Bonifacio Global City (BGC) bright and early. This is in preparation for the long drive ahead and to avoid the brunt of the morning rush. 

The journey up north almost took nine (9) hours. Along the way, the group had a couple of pit stops, such as stopping for morning coffee, a small canteen for lunch, a wet market to purchase fresh seafood, and an open-air market.

Before reaching the tranquil waters of Tambobong Beach, the Flexi Digital team had to navigate through a fifteen-kilometre stretch of winding road. It was riddled with sharp curves and steep inclines. While it would be considered mild by rollercoaster standards, some members felt queasy throughout the ordeal.

Day One of Team Building

Team building

It was a long journey. Along the way, they passed by sprawling lands and mountainous terrains and caught glimpses of seascapes. Thereafter, the team finally arrived at Tambobong Beach in the afternoon after a nine-hour drive from the bustling city of Metro Manila.

The Flexi Digital team arrived at the hotel after enduring a bumpy ride. Once they got there, they immediately kicked off by bonding by the beach and 

The team took a breather on the first day and recouped after the long drive. They took in the beautiful seascape while strolling along the shoreline and observing the marine creatures. As dusk falls, the team enjoyed a simple feast using the fresh seafood and crabs they had purchased earlier. 

After sharing dinner, they started with team-building games. Through the activities they prepared, each member got to know each other better. Everyone shared their stories, and their first impressions, and expressed what they appreciated about one another’s qualities. All in all, the openness and sincerity of everyone helped forge a strong team spirit.

Day Two of Team Building

Team building

The Flexi Digital team started by soaking up the sun and salt at the beach on the second day. They hopped on a native boat and sailed to Colibra Island, a two-hectare coralline isle famous for its sea snakes. For the most part, everyone stayed cool in the waters while the sun-scorched sands on the island’s shoreline.

After that, they went beyond Dasol Bay and visited Tondol White Sand Beach in Anda, Pangasinan. The team was greeted with a breathtaking view of the sea-bare beach, the small marine life in the shallow waters, and the vibrant sunset that coloured the sky and seascape red-orange.

Thereafter, the team returned to the hotel and enjoyed dinner together. They then gathered for another team-building activity, where they spent the rest of the evening brainstorming. 

Each member shared their ideas on how to boost Flexi Digital Marketing and team collaboration. They provided suggestions on which aspects should be continued and what could be done to further improve their teamwork. It was a great opportunity for everyone to voice their thoughts and contribute to the team’s success.

Team Building Highlights

Check out the video below to see the highlights of Flexi Digital Marketing’s first-ever team-building activity: 

Moving Forward

Ultimately, Flexi Digital Marketing’s first team-building activity was a successful event. It improved the team’s morale and spirit. More importantly, the group has a clearer vision of the future and how to further boost the company. 

It is important to remember that success is a journey and requires ongoing effort. For Flexi Digital Marketing’s future, this recent team-building activity will be the first of many. It will foster a positive and collaborative work environment and help improve the quality of the services offered to achieve the company’s goal of becoming the top offshore marketing solutions agency. 

Stay tuned for more exciting future events!

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