Fostering Collaboration and Uniting Teams: Richard Gross Productive Visit to Flexisource IT in Makati

fostering collaboration and uniting teams

Fostering Collaboration and Uniting Teams: Richard Gross Productive Visit to Flexisource IT in Makati

From June 26th to July 7th, Flexisource IT’s CEO, Richard Gross, visited the company’s Makati office in the Philippines. His visit aims to enhance collaboration, foster stronger bonds, and align the vision of the management and employees. With a jam-packed itinerary, Rich engaged in productive activities, ranging from team meetings and workshops to networking events and social gatherings.

Check out the key events that transpired during his visit!

Management Workshop

 To ensure effective leadership and seamless operations, Rich organised an intensive management workshop. This workshop allowed managers and company leaders to enhance their leadership abilities, gain new insights, and exchange ideas. The interactive sessions also allowed a collaborative learning experience, empowering the management team with valuable strategies to guide their respective departments effectively.

Team Meetings 

One of the primary objectives of Rich’s visit was to promote open communication and align with all team project goals. Employees could share their perspectives, aspirations, and challenges through various team meetings with Rich.

These discussions covered professional and personal aspects, fostering a deeper understanding and connection among team members. Rich also emphasised the importance of collaboration in achieving shared objectives and driving the company’s growth.

richard gross

Sales Workshops

A sales workshop was organised specifically for the marketing team. This session aimed to strengthen the connection between marketing and sales. During the seminar, Rich gave emphasis to the importance of showcasing how Flexisource IT can help businesses in Australia. 

The workshop promoted synergy and a cohesive approach toward helping clients and driving business growth for Flexisource IT.

richard gross

Finance Meet

During his stay, Rich also held a productive finance meeting with the managers. This session served as an opportunity to discuss financial goals, explore potential areas for improvement, and ensure financial stability for the company. By engaging in dialogue with the finance team, Rich emphasised the importance of financial planning and prudent decision-making in achieving long-term success.

PR Shoots

Rich and our COO, Missy Arcenal, and employees participated in PR shoots and rebranding activities. These initiatives aimed to enhance the company’s image and visual identity. Likewise, it ensured that the company’s brand representation aligned with its evolving vision and objectives. This contributed to the external perception of Flexisource IT and instilled a sense of pride and unity among employees.

Rich’s active involvement in these activities further demonstrated his commitment to elevating the company’s reputation and staying ahead of industry trends.

richard gross

Flexi Digital Marketing Meetup

Likewise, the marketing team organised a second round of Flexi Digital Meetup event titled: Digital Marketing Mastery: Increasing Your Customer Base Through Digital Marketing Best Practices.f

This gathering brought together professionals from various industries to learn the fundamentals of Google and Meta Ads and how to optimise a landing page. Likewise, the event creates a venue for knowledge sharing, networking, and potential collaborations. Such events expand the company’s network and allow employees to gain insights from industry experts, enabling them to stay ahead in the dynamic digital landscape.

richard gross


To further promote team bonding and positive work culture, Rich hosted various socialising dinners and drinks. These informal gatherings created an environment where employees could relax, interact personally, and build stronger relationships outside their professional responsibilities. 

Rich emphasised the importance of work-life balance and a supportive workplace environment through these gatherings.

richard gross

Expect More Engagements with Rich and Missy

Rich’s visit to Flexisource IT’s office in Makati proved to be a transformative period of collaboration and unity. He successfully fostered a culture of open communication, goal alignment, and camaraderie through various activities such as team meetings, workshops, strategic sessions, and social events. 

As a result, employees felt motivated, engaged, and more connected to the company’s mission and vision. Rich’s commitment to strengthening bonds and promoting collaboration has undoubtedly laid a solid foundation for Flexisource IT’s continued success in the future.


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