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Women of Flexisource IT – Featuring Marketing

Women have come a long way regarding equality, equity, and progress. From the suffragette movement to fighting the pay gap, women have since been given opportunities and are now working side-by-side with men. 

And as part of our support for Women’s achievements, Flexisource IT celebrates the annual International Women’s Month. This year, to honour the advancement of women, we are featuring various women employees and leaders in our company.

Meet the Women Behind the Marketing Team

marketing women

Marketing, of course, has long been a critical part of most organisations. They are at the forefront of business, communicating with clients, creating valuable materials, and building brand awareness for potential customers.

And it is no different at Flexisource IT. Our marketing is an integral part of our business. Since its creation, the department has helped the company acquire new clients, advertise our services, and build more robust relationships with our clients.

This is primarily thanks to the women behind our marketing team. Our marketing team is composed of 75% women. Having women in our marketing helps promote diversity and inclusion and makes it fun and creative. Our female marketers put their best foot forward to ensure all projects succeed. 

Meet the women on our marketing team!

Haydee Cabezas

Haydee is Flexisource IT’s social media specialist. Her responsibilities include managing the internal and external social media pages, safeguarding the growth and engagement of businesses, and ensuring the success of campaigns.

Besides being our social media specialist, Haydee is the “big sister” of the team, fostering communication and harmony in the department.

Janelle “Maja” Montelibano

Passionate and creative, Maja is the latest brand marketing specialist of Flexisource IT. Through her 15 years of experience in the industry, she has successfully developed and implemented brand campaigns for various industries, including entertainment, media, telecommunication, and manufacturing. 

At Flexisource IT’s Marketing Team, she spearheads the promotional strategies of projects, organises events, maintains the company’s brand quality, and develops content strategy.

Mikaela Flores

Focused and resourceful, Mika can ensure the success of any ad campaign. She has a strong record of handling various projects in Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Search Engine Optimisation (SE), and Social Media Management (SMM).

At Flexisource IT, Mika helps internal and external stakeholders enhance their visibility and drive prospects to their channel.

Pamela Chelsea Ortiz

No ideas are left unseen to Pam. As a technical writer, she explores the deep layers of the internet in search materials and topics to ensure that she writes compelling and persuasive articles for the company and its clients.

Similarly, Pam is deeply enthusiastic about writing fictional stories or reading historical books when not working.

Viel Cansino

Viel is Flexisource IT’s SEO Content Writer, catering to one of our clients. She is an experienced SEO writer and content creator who can weave words into stories that sell. At Flexisource IT, she creates SEO-friendly content that ranks highly on SERPs. 

As a writer, Viel hopes to continue creating content that adds value to people’s lives.

Angel Malano

As an articulate and candid writer, Angel can convey your message through her writing. She is an experienced writer and is well-versed in SEO writing, research, and content creation.  Aside from writing, Angel is passionate about food, stories, art, and voice acting.

Patricia Damian

Talented and innovative, Patricia can create an outstanding aeronautical design in the industry. She is multitalented with years of experience building web, social media, production, and print graphic materials.

At Flexisource IT, Pat is a highly efficient and imaginative designer loved by internal stakeholders and clients. 

Tassha Nakagawa

Tassha is an accomplished and dynamic web developer and designer with over 7 years of experience. She is highly proficient in developing and maintaining sites using her WordPress, Adobe Tools, Figma, Procreate, and Bootstrap skills. She is also trained with jQuery, React, Material UI, Git, MODX, NPM, PHP, CSS/SCSS, and JavaScript.

Her expertise in web development has been a great asset to Flexisource IT.

Frances Abejuro

Result-driven and diligent, Franz can tackle any SEO goals your business need. She has more than 10 years of experience as an SEO specialist, improving businesses’ organic search ranking and traffic. Franz is also skilled in page optimisation and advertising. 

As a professional, she aspires to learn more about Web Development and SEM.

April Sun

As an adaptable and critical thinker digital marketer, April takes initiative to learn new things. Throughout her 10-year experience in digital marketing, she has grown various skills, including content writing, SEO, and digital analytics.

Working with our clients, April uses her analytic thinking and creativity to boost targeted website traffic and conversion rate while minimising costs.

Marian De Leon

Marian is one of Flexisource IT’s malleable and pioneering digital marketing specialists. She continues developing her writing and graphic design skills as a profession and passion. For more than 7 years, she has helped leading companies in the Philippines build their marketing reach and branding.

Currently, Marian is pursuing law to fulfil her long-standing dream.

Celebrate Women’s Month With Flexisource IT!

marketing women marketing women

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