Are you the type of person who has more than ten tabs open in multiple windows in your computer? Do you like to organise and label your tabs? This news is for you.

Google Chrome is rolling out the beta version of its new tab groups feature. The tech giant’s move allows users to organise, label, and even color-code their tabs for easy access. The new feature will be observable to most users starting next week for its stable release in Chrome.

Too many tabs problem

Many people are having too many tabs open on their web browsers, probably for easier access to web pages they would like to view. This is one of the most common problems people face in using Chrome.

Anyone who uses Chrome for school, work, research, online shopping, and even browsing for fun experience this challenge too. Tabs pile up with all those things users will likely view at some other time, typically within the day.

Despite the prevalence of the “too many tabs” problem, Google had yet to introduce a solution until this new update. 

This problem paved the way to another industry of tab management tools. Other browsers tapped into addressing this and  used this as a unique selling point as an alternative to Google.

One example is Opera, which introduced their new browser version that let’s users organise tabs into various workspaces. Another example is Vivaldi, another browser alternative that offers automatic tab stacking to keep tabs from stacking up. 

New Tab Groups Feature

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You may access the Chrome new tab groups feature when you right-click a tab and choose “Add tab to group.” You may select an existing group to move the tab to or create a new one, which you can also name and label.

Google has been testing the solution for several months before its public release. The company has been releasing a good number of updates recently. In their research, they found that users tend to organise their tabs by topic. Meanwhile, others are organising their tabs according to urgency.

With the new tab groups feature, you are now able to label the tab groups according to topics or urgency like ASAP, Later, This Week, and etc. It can also support emojis on the tab labels if you prefer a minimalist look. 

Chrome new tab groups are available in the browser and will be available on desktop across Chrome OS, Windows, Mac, and Linux. Expect slow roll outs since they want to ensure performance and stability will not be affected. If you’re looking to try the new feature for yourself, you may do so in their beta browser for the time being.



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