Flexisourcing is a new way to sustain your business, similar to offshore outsourcing. Flexisource, also known as flexible outsourcing, helps companies with their needs offshore. Unlike other IT outsourcing businesses in the Philippines, flexisourcing allows clients to decide on their staff members, connect with their workers directly, and allow revisions on their projects.

The goal of flexisourcing is to help clients in their business increase their growth rapidly. It understands Australian businesses and dedicates their time to the client’s needs first and foremost. The staff is dedicated, experienced, and goes beyond the realms of traditional IT sourcing in the Philippines.

What is Flexisourcing

Flexisourcing is a term used by Flexisource IT, which is a combination of the words “flexible” and “outsourcing.” It is a more modern version of the traditional outsourcing that came from the company Flexisource IT. The company that created the term flexisource has IT-related services focused on businesses of all sizes. Yes. This includes start-ups to large-sized companies. 

IT Outsourcing has been a common method for many Australian businesses. However, Flexisource IT provides a fresh take on the traditional process of outsourcing that many are used to with costs optimized. 

Flexisourcing gives their clients a wide range of services for their business online. Included are a wide range of services that expand the territories of outsourcing. Should you invest in IT outsourcing in the Philippines, this outsourcing method can provide more than just the services, but availability and flexible staff. 

The Benefits of Flexisourcing

There are many benefits to flexisourcing that traditional IT outsourcing in the Philippines does not have. Flexisourcing vs outsourcing can be compared by checking their flexibility and price range.

Pricing for Revisions

One of the biggest differences between these two is the price range. Flexisourcing does not require any additional payment needed for revisions when it comes to clients who have chosen them. 

The traditional outsourcing that clients have undergone can include an increase in costs for their company’s development. This alone shows that flexisourcing focuses on expanding its client’s business rather than pricing its services.

On-call Staff

Flexisourcing is unlike any other traditional outsourcing with its flexible staff hours. This means that their clients have on-call staff given at any time for most clients. Discussions on the hours each team is needed for a client are absolute. 

You no longer have to wait for the specific time the BPO company has assigned for the team to support your needs.

Client’s Choice and Management

It’s common for clients to not have a choice in their staff when hiring outsourced members. However, flexisourcing believes in the client’s choice. The client will choose from the wide range of services that Flexisource IT offers and then select their own staff members and project lead managers. 

The client manages the team firsthand, making it easier to train and discuss the assigned tasks of each Flexisource staff.

Communication Unhindered

Another enjoyable experience with flexisourcing is direct communication with your outsourced team. Unlike other BPO methods, this outsourcing method allows the client to directly communicate with their team members.

This makes it easier to discuss errors and improvement methods with the team. Assigned tasks do not need to be handed to third parties. Instead, your concerns are put first by the team themselves.

How Does Flexisourcing Work

So, how exactly does flexisourcing work? Just like other IT outsourcing in the Philippines with a twist. Unlike other offshoring companies, it has a more in-touch method that has clients’ best interests at heart.

The idea of flexisourcing is to recruit talents temporarily from a third-party provider for a short-term period. However, these talents are not exclusive to the client itself. This means that these individuals can take on other projects for other people. However, this does not diminish the importance of each client. 

Flexisourcing is also flexible in terms of payment delivery. Based on the mutual agreement payment can be made either on a flat rate, per project, or per hour.

Another interesting thing about flexisourcing is its agile method in project management. It uses a model of outsourcing that caters to more advantages to their clients and their businesses. The agile method requires consistent collaboration with the idea of continuous improvement and quick adaptability.

Because of the method used in project management, flexisourcing also allows clients and business owners to communicate directly with their hired team. Effective communication and solutions result in a quick progression that flexisourcing believes in. As a result, clients have direct access to choosing their team members and even managing them to their best potential in aiding the business or project.

Experience With Flexisourcing

Reviews on flexisourcing prove that the methods in its service have impressive results. Since the beginning of this outsourcing method, the Flexisource IT’s work results have gained a healthy connection with their clients. Most clients even decide to expand and use other services provided by the company other than their original agreement. 

Researching and Developing the Best Methods of Service

It doesn’t stop there. Flexisourcing has also achieved heights of expertise by researching and developing new effectiveness and growth methods. An example would be quality assurance (QA) in software development. Valuing quality assurance, Flexisource IT had run the extra mile by researching manual and automated QA testing. Providing nothing short but the most effective ways to ensure software developments do not halt business growth. 

The results of the QA testing between manual vs automated gave the conclusion that a combination of both is the best way to service clients who choose to begin their journey with flexisourcing. Valuing QA services, Flexisource IT chose to combine both types of QA testing to ensure high-quality reports for their clients.

Variety of Services

Flexisourcing doesn’t just mean availability, effectiveness, and growth. It also means flexibility in terms of services. Likewise, it provides three main types of services: marketing, IT, and support. These services have specific methods to help your business grow. Under the three main services are a wide variety of specific services catered for Australian businesses and their growth.

The Future of Business Flexibility

So what is the future for flexisourcing VS BPO traditional outsourcing? With cost-free revisions, flexible working schedules, on-call staff, and easy contact with your team, flexisourcing has improved the ways of outsourcing in general. 

A business handled without utmost care and detail by its staff, whether outsourced or not, cannot hope to achieve growth. Likewise, it provides the attention and research to prove and show the development of its method of outsourcing.

In these changing times, methods for protecting the dreams of your Australian businesses must be quick to change and strengthened. Flexibility is needed in order to achieve the reputation, product development, and service of your business.

Traditional outsourcing may be the backbone of Flexisource, but the results are clear. The future of outsourcing is here with flexisource. Your growth is our business. What’s yours?

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