The Only Dedicated IT
Outsourcing Company
in the Philippines at
Your Service
Makes your customer service and IT help desk effortless with Flexisource IT’s fully managed offshore IT support services from the Philippines!
We scope your needs
We help pinpoint your business needs by walking you through the planning process with professional collaboration and seamless coordination.
Handpick your dedicated team
Our method of looking for your dedicated team members lets you customize your hiring terms based on your preferences and business needs.
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Your team, your methods
After determining your business needs and handpicking your team, we let you pick which management methodology works best for you.
Focus on your business
Based on industry experience and accredited knowledge, our expertise in Digital marketing, social media, and campaign management are available in flexible project terms.
Assisting in IT-related projects is our specialty. We have a wide variety of IT services
to help you in creating quality and functional websites, desktop, and mobile
Flexisource IT support team is ready to provide excellent service in
areas of customer service, technical support, and other back-office tasks.
Flexisource IT digital marketing team is ready to deliver end-to-end digital
marketing services from SEM and PPC campaigns to graphic design and social media management.
Dedicated, Hand-picked
IT Teams at Your Service
  • Flexisource IT builds dedicated, fully-managed IT teams real-time for Australian clients. 
  • Our business model is a hybrid of traditional IT Outsourcing and Staff Augmentation that helps clients find top-calibre IT professionals with reduced costs. 
  • Take the hassle of building reliable IT teams off your hands and let us help you find the best offshore IT professionals for your business.
  • Our hand-picked IT delivery teams are customised according to the needs of project and business.  
Why should you trust Flexisource IT?

Access to Premium Talent

You may handpick your team based on your needs from our pool of talented IT professionals.

100% Fully Dedicated Team

We provide a dedicated team of reliable, handpicked, dedicated tech experts to help you develop your software and handle your business needs and quality delivery to clients.

Superb Security Protocols

We apply exceptional logical & physical security protocols across offices, systems, hardware, and software

Agile Delivery

Our remote web developers and project leaders are well-versed in Agile, specialising in Scrum and Kanban.

No Lock-In Required

It is in our best interests to give your desired results. Our services don’t require lock-in and upfront costs.

Dedicated Project Manager

We also incorporate project managers such as QA, Agile Coach, and Technical Experts in every project for no extra costs to oversee the delivery of your product.

How Our Project Managers
Handle Working Remotely

Flexisource IT as your reliable, handpicked, dedicated IT team shifted into a fully remote working setup, assuring on-time and quality delivery to clients. Overall strategies in ensuring proper management and quality delivery:
  • Tracking of tasks and building KPIs 
  • Understanding thought process and improved technical expertise 
  • Estimating timeframes
  • Implementing Flexisource QA process 
  • Creating productivity tools 
  • Agile Coaching 
  • Regular team health checkups in Manila 
  • Data-driven tracking and forecasting 
  • Tracking performance to set up KPIs and SLAs 
How Our Project Managers
Handle Working Remotely
Flexisource IT as your reliable, handpicked, dedicated IT team shifted into a fully remote working setup, assuring on-time and quality delivery to clients. Overall strategies in ensuring proper management and quality delivery:
  • Technical Leadership 
  • Analysis and creation of solutions for issues and impediments
  • Assistance in Code Review
  • Ensure quality of all projects
  • Implement the Flexisource IT QA Standard
  • Assistance in accurate estimation for project owners
  • Creation and usage of software development tools
  • Creation of valuable productivity trackers
  • Assist in Agile methodology transition of organisations
  • Coach teams into implementing Agile methodology in project management
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for Our Customers Every day

Alan Ariti

Amcom Pty Ltd has been working with the Flexisource IT Team since 2012. We saw the model offered by Flexisource as a solution to our ever-increasing IT development needs and we’re very pleased with the outcomes of this partnership.


Steve Barton

I have been a very satisfied client of Richard’s company FlexisourceIT for close to 2 years. I find Richard very open, very approachable, and a very determined as a successful leader of his business.


Rebecca Del Rio

Very excited to have launched Bizcap’s new website late last week with the help of the team at Flexisource, it’s a significant upgrade from what we previously had!


Travis Fusae

Manager, Venture Sales PTY. LTD.

We have been working with Flexisource IT for 2 years and we have found the entire team to be extremely committed to a high quality of work, excellent communication, and a friendly working relationship.


Martin Ong

Founder – Personal Touch Media

I just wanted to let you know that Bernard and his team have recently completed the first session with the client and it went really well. Your team did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.


Mark Murphy

Melbourne IT Group

We started an offshore development relationship over a year ago with Flexisource and they are now our long-term technology partner. They have been generous and flexible in providing us with many valuable resources.


Rick Jansz

Managing Director, Framtid Innovation

As a Design and Innovation consultancy, we understand the importance of aligning your business with an experienced and trusted IT company.


Tristan Kenney

Director of Software Development, Lucidity Software

Flexisource has been our software development staffing partner of choice for over 12 months. They have consistently provided high-quality candidates who have successfully transitioned into valuable team members.


Myles Tehan

Co-Founder, OurWalls

OurWalls partnered with Flexisource IT to build our member platform and initial subscription products in 2018. An agile sprint framework was adopted and supported by a project management and developer team resources provided by Flexisource IT.


Nikola Kosanin

Head of Technology/O-TIX

It’s been almost a couple of years since we started collaborating with Flexisource IT. Julius is our first team member from your end. Francis joined the team a few months ago.


Tools and Equipment


Flexisource IT is your best gateway to outsourcing high-calibre IT professionals in the Philippines. We provide an overseas division of your company and handle recruitment, facilities and equipment for you (including a dedicated workstation, tools and equipment, amenities), payroll and HR, recruitment, and IT support.

Why should I outsource with Flexisource IT?

Offshoring your business to Flexisource IT allows you to dramatically reduce labor costs (70% less than what normal cost onshore) but still offer competitive salary packages to employees.

How does flexisourcing IT reduce costs dramatically?

With Flexisource IT, you can offshore a variety of roles with the talented IT professionals in the country in IT Development, Support Services, and Digital Marketing. Nearly anything your team does digitally can be done remotely by an offshore team. With thousands of talented IT professionals, we can build any team your company might need to offshore.
What roles can I offshore?
Flexisource IT caters to Australian clients and operates in Australian and Philippine time zones. Support teams work on various shifts to cater for customer and technical support services.

What timezone does Flexisource IT operate?

Contact us today and you will have a built offshore team in a matter of weeks.
How do I build a dedicated team in the Philippines?
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