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Flexisource IT is the leading IT Staff Augmentation company poised to redefine the Australian experience of IT outsourcing. Our mission is to revolutionise the way our clients engage with IT solutions through our revolutionary Flexisourcing Advantage.

When you partner with Flexisource IT, you gain access to top-tier IT solutions that seamlessly scale alongside your business. We are dedicated to the well-being and professional growth of your team, ensuring a rewarding collaboration that exceeds expectations.

Best ITSM designed to help you with your scaling IT needs

What We Do

To do list

We scope your needs

We help pinpoint your business needs by walking you through the planning process with professional collaboration and seamless coordination.

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Handpick your dedicated team

Our method of looking for your dedicated team members lets you customize your hiring terms based on your preferences and business needs.

Project management

Your team, your methods

After determining your business needs and handpicking your team, we let you pick which management methodology works best for you.

Web analytics

Focus on your business

Based on industry experience and accredited knowledge, our expertise in Digital marketing, social media, and campaign management are available in flexible project terms.

Web code

IT Services

Our IT specialists offer a wide range of expertise, including software development, QA Testing, Maintenance and Support, and more.

Computer chat

IT Support

Stop wasting valuable time troubleshooting your systems. We provide 24/7 IT support to help you diagnose and resolve any IT issues your users encounter.

Marketing campaign

Digital Marketing

Leverage our digital marketing expertise to craft a data-driven digital strategy that propels your brand, attracts new customers and helps you achieve your marketing goals.

Dedicated, Hand-picked IT Teams at Your Service

Experience the Flexisourcing Advantage

At Flexisource IT, we go beyond the basic IT services. When you hire your developers with us, you gain a multitude of advantages, such as:

Why Quality Customer Service Matters?

How Our Project Managers Handle Working Remotely

Flexisource IT as your reliable, handpicked, dedicated IT team shifted into a fully remote working setup, assuring on-time and quality delivery to clients. Overall strategies in ensuring proper management and quality delivery:

Meet Our Previous Clients!

Flexisource IT is a reputable IT and digital marketing outsourcing company based in the Philippines. Check out what our clients say about us:

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Flexisource IT is your best gateway to outsourcing high-calibre IT professionals in the Philippines. We provide an overseas division of your company and handle recruitment, facilities and equipment for you (including a dedicated workstation, tools and equipment, amenities), payroll and HR, recruitment, and IT support.

Offshoring your business to Flexisource IT allows you to dramatically reduce labor costs (70% less than what normal cost onshore) but still offer competitive salary packages to employees.

With Flexisource IT, you can offshore a variety of roles with the talented IT professionals in the country in IT Development, Support Services, and Digital Marketing. Nearly anything your team does digitally can be done remotely by an offshore team. With thousands of talented IT professionals, we can build any team your company might need to offshore.

Flexisource IT caters to Australian clients and operates in Australian and Philippine time zones. Support teams work on various shifts to cater for customer and technical support services.

Contact us today and you will have a built offshore team in a matter of weeks.


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From the onset, their team demonstrated an unwavering commitment to our project, consistently going above and beyond to ensure that our vision was brought to life exactly as we imagined.

What truly set Flexisource apart was their extraordinary flexibility and willingness to accommodate our needs. Whether it involved adapting to changes in our requirements or navigating unforeseen challenges, they approached every situation with a can-do attitude and an agility that made all the difference.

Yasmine Mnahy


Flexisource IT is my go-to team for development. At every stage, the Flexisource team has been easy to work with, excellent value, quick to respond, and always willing to go the extra mile.

I highly recommend them to anyone looking for a reliable outsourcing solution. I couldn’t have achieved the targets without a great team beside me, and Flexisource IT is that team. Five Stars!!!

Peter Hynes

Film Maker + Story Designer (FilmTime)

We started an offshore development relationship over a year ago with Flexisource and they are now our long-term technology partner. They have been generous and flexible in providing us with many valuable resources. Our relationship has continued to grow and expand as they are involved in all aspects of our business and have been essential in helping us transition toward running agile.

Mark Murphy


We have been working with Flexisource IT for 2 years and we have found the entire team to be extremely committed to a high quality of work, excellent communication, and a friendly working relationship.

Travis Fusae


“We recommend our own clients to collaborate with Flexisource IT because we know that the service is of exceptional quality combined with a diverse and knowledgeable talent base.”

Rick Jansz


Myles Tehan

Myles Tehan

Partner Head of Innovation

Myles Tehan is a co-founder & MD of Hack Days Australia, where he has worked with over 50 different organisations to design and facilitate tailored innovation events and workshops that make a real impact. Myles is collaborating with Flexisource IT to drive innovation and flourish the ever-growing startup ecosystem in the Asia-Pacific.

Amcom Pty Ltd has been working with the Flexisource IT Team since 2012. We saw the model offered by Flexisource as a solution to our ever-increasing IT development needs and we’re very pleased with the outcomes of this partnership.

Alan Ariti

AMCOM ( Telecommunications Melbourne, Australia )

I have been a very satisfied client of Richard’s company FlexisourceIT for close to 2 years. I find Richard very open, very approachable, and a very determined as a successful leader of his business. He has created a positive vibe within his team, and is always looking to create improvements and bring in new talent. I strongly recommend him as a professional to work with you.

Steve Barton


It’s been almost a couple of years since we started collaborating with Flexisource IT. Julius is our first team member from your end. Francis joined the team a few months ago. Over the last couple of  months, especially last few weeks, we had really challenging period for us and without huge effort from the whole team, we would not be able to deliver the product on time. This is not the first time (badge printing was the first challenge, back in 2018) that you @Julius stepped up and shine, when it was important and was not easy. Thanks a lot Julius, your effort is tremendous (you worked even when there was volcano eruption or while you had a day off). @Francis, you are not with us as long as Julius, but you have quickly become important part of the team. Thanks a lot Francis, for all days and nights, which you have spent testing the product and making sure that there would not be issues in the production. Julius and Francis, I’ll be emailing you some gift certificates directly. I’m looking forward to get the future challenges completed with you guys, as successful as previous challenges!

Nikola Kosanin


Very excited to have launched Bizcap’s new website late last week with the help of the team at Flexisource, it’s a significant upgrade from what we previously had!

Unbelievably impressed with what the team at Flexisource have been able to create + ahead of schedule. Thank you Richard Gross

Rebecca Del Rio


“I just wanted to let you know that Bernard and his team have recently completed the first session with the client and it went really well. Your team did a fantastic job and I couldn’t be happier.”

Martin Ong


“I would unequivocally recommend Richard and his Manila team, as the resources generally have been excellent for the price and comparable skillsets found in Sydney/Melbourne.

We reviewed quite a few companies across the region (India, Vietnam, Indonesia & China) and landed on these guys who source in Manilla. Good time zone for Sydney, even better for Perth.”

Nicolas Bryon