As technological advancement continues to prosper, businesses are becoming more open in integrating digital freelancers to their workforce. This trend is also true even for the software industry. There is not much difference in working as a remote software developer.

Just like software developers who work in an office, their compensation will be based on their set of relevant skills, years of experience, ability, and other more.

However, working as a remote software developer does not mean that one is free from the challenges that come with it. Here is the list of the possible challenges one must face working as a remote software developer and how to overcome it.

The Challenges And Solutions Of Working As A Remote Software Developer

Working Excessively

Contrary to the common myth that employees will slack off if working from home, working remotely actually does the opposite. Working as a remote software developer may sometimes make you work more than necessary. When the working environment and personal space are the same, it is hard to differentiate when to actually stop working.

As a remote software developer working from home, the possibility of overworking yourself is relatively high. This is not good news as this pattern will eventually result in a feeling of burnout and mental breakdown due to stress.

  • Set Reminders

In order to overcome working too much than necessary, you need to set-up reminders when to take breaks and when to clock out from work. This way, it will be easier for you to keep everything on track and never lose all your time working.

  • Separate Personal and Working Space

Another way to keep you from working too much than necessary is to set-up a physical boundary between your personal and working space.

As a remote software developer working from home, setting up a home office will help you work efficiently from home. This will keep your focus on work whenever you are in working space and keep you from working whenever you are in your personal space.


One good thing about working remotely is being free from all the office distractions such as an annoying co-worker, or an office event. Unfortunately, working remote will not save you from other types of distractions present at home.

Wherever you are, there will always be some form of distraction you need to face and overcome. There is no way you can completely get away from it. However, there are simple tricks on how to divert your attention and keep your focus on work.

  • Be Consistent With Your Working Schedules

In dealing with the distractions while working as a remote software developer, setting up working schedules and sticking to it will greatly help you. Get your devices not related to work away from a sight where it may distract you. Avoid opening and using social media while during working time.

  • Find A New Environment

If working from home won’t get you away from distractions you need to avoid, try finding a new working environment. It can be in a coffee shop across your place or a library near you.


Working as a remote software developer surely has its perks and a fair share of downside as well. One of the challenges you need to face working remotely is the lack of human interaction or in worse cases, the feeling of isolation. This is exceptionally true especially if you are living alone or away from your family. 

The feeling of isolation and loneliness is inevitable, especially among remote software developers. Although working remotely can be a fun experience, there will be a time where you crave human interaction.

  • Go Outside During Your Breaks

Try scheduling a lunch or dinner time with friends and acquaintances. Even a simple coffee time or snack chitchat with your neighbours will help to boost your mood and help you get back on track.

  • Try Working Outside

Try to change your working environment. Working in a coffee shop where you can find people passing by will make you feel you are part of society. Just think of it as your second office.

  • Join Local Clubs

Finding people with common side hobbies will also be a great help. You may go out with them and spend your time doing interesting things together which you both love and enjoy doing. You can also make new friends and build new connections.


If communication issues arise between physical team players, much more happens for virtual teams. This issue may compound especially if some members of the team are working in the office while others work remotely. Communication issues are inevitable and one of the common challenges of working as remote software developers.

  • Reach Out

The only remedy on how to deal with communication issues is to reach out and communicate more openly. One needs to reach out and communicate to clarify any misunderstanding.

Technological Issues

Nothing actually worries a software developer working remotely until internet outage or a computer malfunction starts happening. By far, as a remote software developer, that could be the biggest challenge one could face. Even a decent home internet connection can be frustrating especially when undergoing video conferencing and virtual meetings. Here’s a way on how to deal with this type of issue:

  • Have A Back-Up Plan

To avoid mini heart attacks whenever your computer starts malfunctioning, back-up plans are truly lifesavers. In the case of computer malfunction, make sure that you have other devices such as a laptop to use for back up.

The Bottomline

Generally, working remotely is accompanied by various and different types of challenges. Being a remote software developer is never an easy position.

There will always be a long list of challenges we face as we battle our way in working remotely. Some of those challenges may not even be included above. However, every challenge has its corresponding solutions for us to deal with and overcome it.

Aileen Artiaga is a part-time writer, SMO specialist, and travel enthusiast. She is a curating content, analyzing posts performance, and delivering information to content marketing portals. She also manages her own YouTube channel.

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