8 Years of Growing Together: Celebrating Missy’s Anniversary at Flexisource IT


8 Years of Growing Together: Celebrating Missy’s Anniversary at Flexisource IT

Today marks an important milestone for Flexisource IT. We are thrilled to celebrate the 8th anniversary of one of our company’s most essential and valuable assets, Missy Arcenal. For the past eight years, she has been an integral part of the company. Missy has contributed to its success with her hard work, dedication, and unwavering commitment.

Likewise, she helped the company build a strong foundation of resources and shape a distinctive company culture. This has been instrumental in Flexisource IT reaching its goals. Her contributions have been instrumental in helping us achieve our goals and remain competitive in the dynamic IT industry.


Thus, on her eighth anniversary, we want to honor Missy’s accomplishments and reflect on her journey with Flexisource IT. So, join us in celebrating Missy’s 8th work anniversary. Let’s take a moment to recognize her dedication and commitment to our team every day.

Joining a startup in 2015

Missy Arcenal was a seasoned professional in the IT industry, having worked for large corporations for most of her career. She graduated Magna Cum Laude with a major in Economics. Later, she took her Master’s Degree in Program Management from the Ateneo de Manila University. Likewise, Missy worked with big enterprises like QBE Insurance and IBM. 

Looking back, Missy never thought that she would leave her career in big corporations to work for a startup company. Moreso, she never imagined that the said startup would bring her to where she is today.


Flexisource IT started as a tech company founded by Richard Gross in Makati City. Back then, the company rented a small office in the city, consisting of 16 employees, with limited resources and technology. 

Missy was initially skeptical when approached with a job opportunity at a small startup company, Flexisource IT. She had reservations about leaving the comfort of a well-established company and venturing into the uncertain waters of a small startup. Moreover, she wondered if the company could grow and compete in a rapidly evolving industry. 

Despite her doubts, Missy decided to take a chance on Flexisource IT. She was attracted by the prospect of being part of a close-knit team, having a greater impact on the company’s growth, and having the opportunity to work on exciting new projects.

Missy quickly discovered that her decision to join Flexisource IT was right. She found a supportive team that welcomed her with open arms, a culture that valued innovation and creativity, and an environment that encouraged collaboration and experimentation.

Amazing Journey Fast Forward in 8 Years 

Missy has grown personally and professionally over the past 8 years. She had picked various lessons and practices – from taking on new challenges and responsibilities to contributing meaningfully to the company’s growth. 

The People and Culture

In addition to her contributions to the company’s technology and business operations, Missy has also been instrumental in building the company’s people and culture. Missy’s leadership and dedication have helped create a work environment that values collaboration, communication, and mutual respect. 

Missy with Employees

She has actively mentored and coached team members, helping them develop their skills and advance their careers. In addition, her commitment to excellence and ability to inspire others have helped create an inclusive, supportive work environment focused on achieving success as a team.

Instrument of Fun and Work-life Balance

One of Missy’s key contributions to the company has been her focus on employee engagement and well-being. She understands that a happy and motivated team is essential to achieving the company’s goals. As such, she has taken steps to ensure that the team feels supported, appreciated, and fulfilled in their work.

Missy with Flexisource IT Women

Under Missy’s leadership, Flexisource IT has implemented a range of initiatives to promote employee well-being, including flexible work arrangements, wellness programs, and team-building activities. Moreover, these initiatives have helped foster a sense of community and belonging among team members, even as the company has grown and become more complex.

Best Reputable Software Company by the Golden Globe Awards For Business Excellence

Missy played an important role in helping Flexisource IT receive the Golden Globe Awards for Business Excellence and Achievers. Under her leadership, Flexisource IT has attracted and retained top talent, built strong relationships with clients, and established a reputation as a reliable and innovative partner in the IT industry.

Missy receiving IT Awards

As such, receiving the Best Reputable Company award from the Golden Globes Award for Business Excellence is a testament to the hard work and dedication of the entire Flexisource IT team, including Missy. It recognizes the company’s commitment to excellence, innovation, and people-focused leadership.

Helping the Community and Society

In addition to her work in building the company’s people and culture, Missy has also been a driving force behind the company’s efforts to give back to the community. Missy’s leadership and dedication to these initiatives have helped Flexisource IT significantly impact the community.

Missy at Animal Shelter

The company has organised donation drives to support those in need, including food drives for local communities and disaster relief efforts. Likewise, we have also participated in charity events to raise funds for various causes, such as supporting education for underprivileged children and providing medical care for those in need.

What’s Next for Missy?

Missy has achieved a lot in her eight years with Flexisource IT. We recognise her many contributions to the company’s progress and success. The company is grateful for her leadership and dedication. We look forward to more years of collaboration, growth, and achievement under her guidance.

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