Flexisource IT Extends WFH Set-up Until March

Flexisource IT Extends WFH Set-up Until March

Leading IT outsourcing champion Flexisource IT extends its work-from-home (WFH) set-up until March. 

Many Australian companies are slowly getting back to offices in the new normal. However, to ensure the health and safety of all Flexisource IT employees, the company is extending its WFH implementation during the first quarter of the year or as the company sees fit.

Flexisource IT strictly implements health and safety protocols, in accordance with the guidelines laid by the Australian and Philippine government. While many areas of the world are waiting for the rollout of vaccines for COVID-19, the company would like to ensure employees would stay safe at home. 

Flexisource IT continues to help companies build and manage full-time dedicated teams offshore through flexisourcing. We remain the gateway to the top-calibre IT professionals in the Philippines in areas of software development, quality assurance, support, and digital marketing. 

Aside from health and safety support, the company remains steadfast in engaging employees remotely. Enrichment sessions such as Brown Bag Session, Agile Forum, and Quality Assurance Forum, as well as engagement events, are lined up to instil the collaborative spirit even when everyone is working from home. 

Flexibility and Agility

Flexisource IT has immediately transitioned all its workforce to work-from-home set-up to ensure the safety from the pandemic and to lessen the exposure of employees to the virus. Company-provided laptops and other essential equipment were distributed so employees can seamlessly accomplish their tasks. 

Despite the pandemic, the company seamlessly transitioned business operations remotely and assured clients high-quality and efficient delivery even with the remote setup. We use various tools to monitor progress, efficiency, and productivity on our projects, and to imbibe a more collaborative culture in the company.

Bracing for New COVID-19 Strain 

A new strain of coronavirus has been discovered in southeastern England in September 2020. This strain has appeared in various areas around the world including Denmark, the Netherlands, and other European countries, and a similar variant has also appeared in South Africa. 

In December 2020, this new strain accounts about 60% of the new COVID-19 cases worldwide. The mutated virus is more transmissible compared to the strain we are familiar with, but it does not appear any more likely to cause severe disease or death, according to an article published by John Hopkins Medicine

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