Developing Multiple Personalised Software Products for Australian Fintech Company

Executive Summary

Our client is the leading loyalty financial tech company in Australia. Founded in 2014, the client helps its clients by identifying the audience, influencing them with rules and triggers measured through gamification, points, and engagement. Rewarding members and ensuring safe transactions also reinforces their business as a brand.

The company has been working with Flexisource IT since 2016. Its trust and confidence in our services led to a successful continued partnership. Our unique and innovative solutions to their problems helped them scale their company both onshore and offshore.

Developing Multiple Personalised Software Products for Australian Fintech Company


About the Client

Focusing on customer experience and reward systems, the client creates platforms for various organizations to engage their consumers and make them more loyal to the brands.

The client has products for Records & Benefits, Engagement & Gamification. Employee Recognition, Member & Customer Incentives, eWallet & Payment methods, and Health & Wellness. Each service is customised according to the needs of its clients. The products are carefully tailored and aligned to the campaigns and strategies of the brands they work with.


Client Challenges

As the company grows, more and more business operations and processes need to be done. The client aims to improve its current tool in line with its goal to scale in Australia.

As such, they require more developers and IT professionals to help build the products, add features, and maintain the functionalities of its existing tools.  The company needed back-end developers to integrate new features into their systems, catering to new product offerings and services. They required additional key innovators that could implement their specific style and coding requirements.

The business was relatively new before they sought an offshore partner. Hence, the scaling process requires an efficient implementation with reduced costs.


To maximize their resources and finish the development of the optimal output, they needed to outsource a team of developers that satisfies their criteria and help integrate features into their tools efficiently and seamlessly so they can focus on growing the business and scale onshore.


How Flexisource IT Provided Solutions to the Client

The client has scouted various companies with different offshore models in choosing the outsourcing company that can fulfill their demands. In the end, they decided on Flexisource IT’s offshore services to overcome their challenges.


Our solutions

We can provide the client with a senior full-stack Laravel developer to trial for free. Our first developer became the lead for a team of dozen senior and junior developers and counting.

Our lead full-stack Laravel developer acted as the scrum master. He chunked down all requirements into user stories. Moreover, he helped in delegating tasks across multiple projects Flexisource IT handles for them.

As the client grew its business, Flexisource IT took on more tasks, elevating leads and managing multiple projects simultaneously.


Providing the right talents for the client

Flexisource IT is known for its high quality, polished work, and professional work ethics to provide the best, top-caliber Filipino experts in the IT industry. The company sourced professionals that qualify their specific requirements and demands.

The continuous hiring process involved scouting for the best candidates and sending out Flexisource initial exams and interviews. Once the candidates pass the initial exam and interview, their applications are forwarded to the onshore team for customized screening and final interviews.

“We pitch candidates that most fit their qualifications. Since the beginning, the client has established what they want to achieve. It was easy for us to find the right candidate with the right skills who can match their expectations,” stated by Michelle Arcenal, Flexisource IT’s Chief Operating Officer in the Philippines.

The client minimized operating costs when they decided to hire Flexisource IT as their offshoring partner in the Philippines.


Leading projects with a growing team

Most of the offshore team members in Manila are senior developers with years of proven and tested experience in developing the products and systems needed explicitly by the client. The members are supplied with high-performing computers and high-speed internet connection within a secured network using the latest technologies.

Developing Multiple Personalised Software Products for Australian Fintech Company

Through time, the lead senior full-stack Laravel developer served as the team lead in driving the projects in the right direction, ensuring that tasks were accomplished efficiently and promptly.

Eventually, as the client grew their business, Flexisource IT took more tasks and has become a pioneer in several projects for the client. Our lead served as a scrum master, where he led the team in chunking down epics and user stories and conducting code reviews for the client. He is also in charge of guiding teammates, especially junior developers on the team.

“By applying proper programming principles and design patterns, I have been able to utilize all my programming principles and design patterns. By working with the client, I’ve continued to grow and gain more experience as a developer,” said Flexisource IT project lead Max Quebral.

With its project manager and head of technology, Flexisource IT maintains direct, transparent progress reports and constant communication with the onshore team to match expectations in the project.

The company’s collaborative culture is an added value in Flexisource IT’s offshoring service with its clients. We believe that successful projects are achieved through a collaborative effort between the developers.

Actual progress and success can be achieved when teams collaborate and share ideas, too.  Our team is an integral part of the client’s operations. Hence, as a technology company, we also offer innovative ideas and suggest improvements in the current process to maximise the efficiency and stability of the systems.



The efficient delivery and expertise of Flexisource IT since its first partnership with the white label loyalty and rewards company paved the way to a sustainable relationship for both businesses. We helped the client improve their current processes and integrated new features to the plethora of customised products the company creates for its customers.

Seamless communication and excellent delivery throughout the project led to the client’s more versatile tools for its products and services. Having a team of expert IT leaders to get the job done contributed to a faster scaling process for its onshore team and led to a long-term partnership.

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