Honouring the Superwomen of Flexisource IT: Happy Mother’s Day!

Mother’s day

Honouring the Superwomen of Flexisource IT: Happy Mother’s Day!

Being a mom is a full-time superhero job. Just balancing motherhood and a career is a feat in itself—even moreso when these wonder women achieve it with grace and unyielding determination. So, in celebration of Mother’s Day, we honour the superwomen in our Flexisource IT team.

Read on to learn the inspiring stories of our company’s amazing working mothers

Missy Arcenal

Top on our list of inspiring supermoms of Flexisource IT is our Chief Operating Officer (COO) Missy Arcenal.  

As a mother, a big sister, and one of the leaders of the company, Missy has always been hard-working, grounded, calm, resolute, and dedicated. She always puts her heart into everything she does—a defining character that has shaped the culture at Flexisource IT

Under her leadership, she has helped create a community that values mutual respect, collaboration, communication, and innovation. In addition, with her ability to inspire others, she also helped build an inclusive and supportive team comprised of more than two hundred (200) experts to date.

Just recently, we celebrated her eighth work anniversary with Flexisource IT. In all those years, she has always made sure everyone feels a part of the Flexi community, appreciated, engaged, and fulfilled. Furthermore, the company has implemented a range of initiatives of wellness programs and team-building activities to foster better work-life balance.

All these and her style of leadership, she sometimes attributes to her experiences and being a first-time mother. For Missy, she wants to impart the valuable lessons she has learned to her daughter and help her child grow into the person she wants to become later in life. 

At the core, what truly inspires and motivates Missy is her daughter, to be the role model for her, to build a stalwart foundation, and spend much time as possible to present every moment of her life.

Malen Simon

Next on our list of inspiring supermoms is Malen Simon. For her, the keys to being an awesome mother and a dedicated career woman are time management and good work-life balance. 

Malen always gives her time and energy for both her family and career. By setting her priorities beforehand, she is able to be present and give her hundred per cent whether it is spending time with her family or providing the best quality of her work. 

In addition, she always makes the most of every opportunity that presents itself for her children.

Monica Gonzales

Finding a balance between household, family, and work responsibilities can be overwhelming for first-time mothers. Monica Gonzales shares this sentiment and was able to overcome this with the right mindset. 

With her unyielding dedication as a mother, a pet owner, and a valuable talent at work, she learned to set boundaries and priorities and manage her time more effectively. In addition, while acknowledging things do not always go to plan, Monica makes the most of every moment with grace and gratitude. 

At the heart of it all, what keeps her going and grounded is her son and how much he looks up to her. For her, what truly matters is to be present and embrace every opportunity for growth to be the role model she wants to be for her child.

Arh-lyn Cruz-Cu

As a first-time mother, Arh-lyn Cruz-Cu recalls a quote, “A mother is not just a person; she is (the) symbol of love that knows no bound(s),” and attests to this personally. 

She recalls when she first looked at her son’s face, she realised she can do more and go above and beyond. Being a mother to her adorable and precious child fuels her with love, strength, and energy. At work, she translates this to being focused, motivated, dedicated, and tenacious to fulfil her job responsibilities.

While it is true, being a mother can be a challenge, Arh-lyn attributes planning, organisation, and work-life balance to make it work. In addition, she expressed that thanks to Flexisource IT’s supportive culture and values, she has the privilege to be present and have more time with her son. 

Sheryn Johnson

Another supermom that we are celebrating this Mother’s Day is Sheryn Johnson. As a first-time mother herself, she attributes sticking to a routine and planning ahead to making it work. 

However, she acknowledges that is not how life works in her experience. Beyond the structured approach she has set up, it is the carefully thought-out and conscious decisions she makes every day that is more important. 

Moreover, as a working mother, she ensures that she stays focused, motivated, and consistent. Because, at the end of the day, this enables her to be present when she spends time with her family and impart lessons to her daughter to help her grow into a responsible and independent human being.

Mary Grace Moris

It is common for first-time mothers to face challenges when it comes to balancing work and family. It is a sentiment that Mary Grace Moris shares since her desire is to spend more time with her baby. 

Beyond this, she is thankful to have a job that enables her to work from home and a supportive community that enables her to strike a better balance between motherhood and her career. 

Her desire to provide a good future for her child, motivates her to give a hundred per cent of herself in her job during work hours and meet deadlines. After work, she ensures she is present and spends most f her free time with her baby. 

Happy Mother’s Day to the Superwomen in Our Lives! 

It is inspiring to see these amazing women balance motherhood and their careers. We are reminded that it takes superwoman capabilities to make compromises and sacrifices to ensure the well-being of their family and happiness. 

With that said, this Mother’s Day, we want to recognise and appreciate our own mothers, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and colleagues. We want to express our gratitude and love for these wonderful women who have been the foundation, support system, and beacon of light in our lives.

​​Celebrate Mother’s Day with us!

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