Flexisource IT believes having a solid relationship with our clients is essential in business. We make extra efforts to build a strong connection based on trust and communication with our clients through collaboration and partnership. We try to get to know how they work and internalise their goal.

While we try our best to maintain our relationship from afar, nothing beats spending time together face-to-face. Thus on 07 December 2022, we invited one of our most important clients, Nicholas Byron and Naimul Khaled of Macrovue, to visit our office in the Philippines and meet the people behind Flexisource IT. 

During their visit, Macrovue representatives and Flexi employees spent quality time over lunch. Together, they had a chance to collaborate and brainstorm ideas for their project and the future of Halo Technologies.


Macrovue then continued their trip and joined Flexisource IT’s Year-End Party at Pico De Loro Beach and Country Club in Batangas on 08-09 December 2022.

Year End Party 2022

Year End Party 2022

Flexisource IT and its employees enjoyed their time with Macrovue and are thankful for their visit.

Pamela Chelsea Ortiz - Content Wizard

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