If you’re in the IT development industry, you’re probably familiar with Agile development methodologies. But what exactly is it, and what can you get from following such methodologies?

This type of methodology is used for software development. For any type of software, it’s undeniable that there is a lot to be done when it comes to the tasks that need to be delivered. The Agile development methodologies are centred on the fact that it focuses on delivering tasks incrementally rather than doing it all at once. 

This type of software development methodology can bring about efficient results. Since the development team doesn’t have to cram io get things done,  they can ensure the quality of work brought about in every process.

Basically, Agile development methodologies are focused on the idea of iterative development. It spreads the tasks throughout cross-functional teams to ensure efficient collaboration. With this said, here are the key benefits you can get from employing Agile development methodologies.

4 Key Benefits of Agile Software Development

Over the years, project managers and teams have adapted the Agile methodology for software development. Aside from it having a self-organising collaborative work across teams, there are many benefits that a project could have should this particular methodology be employed.

Client participation

The Agile software development methodology provides an opportunity for both the client and developers to work on the project. It doesn’t mean that just because the developers have the technical knowledge to bring about the needed software, it’s just them working on it. Involving the client in every step of the project – from the planning stage, execution, to finishing – makes the collaboration more efficient. This can result in a better quality of software in which both parties can greatly benefit from.


The by-product of client participation in the software development process is transparency. Since the clients are very much involved with every step of the process, they can clearly see how well the software development team are doing. They can personally see the progress and issues the development team is encountering. 

This way, the client can understand the technical problems that can cause some delays in the deployment of the project. Overall, transparency helps both sides to address certain issues quickly and to understand the needs of both parties.

Fixed costs and schedule

Since the Agile development methodology is largely based on working with a certain time frame (also known as Sprints), clients and developers can get an almost accurate estimate of the costs and schedule. Financially, this will avoid any problems in going over the budget.

It also gives the client an overview of what’s the current phase the developers are working on, and when will the project be finished as these are indicated on the timeline. On the other hand, it will be easier for developers to set secondary goals to be able to achieve their primary goals.

Reduced risks

Every software that’s being developed has its own risks. Software development teams, particularly their product managers, should be able to foresee these risks. At the same time, using Agile as a tool for the entire software development process can contribute to the reduction of risks. 

Virtually, Agile methodologies can eliminate any chances of total project failures. With developers being able to focus on small tasks increments at a time, they will be able to focus more on the quality of the software, further reducing the risks. 


Using Agile development methodologies for software development is worth it. The clients aren’t the only one who’s getting benefits from it. Instead, the use of this approach helps developers, too. 

The merging of both customer and developer interaction for a certain project, particularly in software development, is one of the key factors in having a successful software overall. So if you’re planning to start a software project, make sure that you look into the Agile development methodologies if you want faster results and cost-effective measures to take place.


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