Technical Support Expertise and Process Optimisation for a Smart Lighting Supplier in Australia

Executive Summary

Flexisource IT, as the leader of hybrid outsourcing, provided top-calibre technical support experts to help our client assist their customers better. Our seasoned technical support representatives boost customer experience by ensuring the concerns of customers are adequately addressed.

In this project, Flexisource IT’s senior technical support team extended their team onshore. After the team had undergone intensive training, they were assigned to accomplish tickets that required assistance from the client’s customers.

Because of the continuous calibration, optimisation of processes, and exemplary performance by the support teams, the client has also explored expanding Flexisource IT’s support. This includes warranty and stores support services with us within the first 3 months of assistance.

Technical Support Expertise and Process Optimisation for a Smart Lighting Supplier in Australia


About the Client

Our Australian-based client provides innovative lightning supplies such as smart bulbs, light strips, wi-fi-ready lighting, and home kit smart devices to homes in the US, Canada, and Europe.

The client ships their products in over 80 countries.  Established in 2012, the client is servicing customers with multicolored LED wi-fi light customers may control through their apps. It also works seamlessly with innovative home products with other industry leaders like Amazon Alexa, Samsung, and Google Home.


Client Challenges

As an e-commerce company for tech-based products for homes in Australia, the client needs to provide end-to-end customer service. The client needs to grow a favourable connection with their target buyers and keep them satisfied.

Establishing reliable support services for customers is essential, especially for consumer and technical concerns. Providing superb assistance to customer issues is a huge factor in retaining them and bringing your brand’s loyal ambassadors.

Our client faced hiring technical support experts with limited resources despite the high demand for calls about product inquiries and concerns. The client also needs technical experts who can swiftly cater and adjust to their processes.


How Flexisource IT Provided Solutions to the Client

As the best gateway to Philippine talents, Flexisource IT has sourced top technical experts and proposed them to the client to see if they fit their company. In addition, our dedicated project manager supervises the offshore technical team for the client, so the team functions as an extension of the onshore team in Australia.


Our Solutions


Seasoned technical support experts to assist customers

Hiring senior technical support experts with more than 5 years of experience can be costly when hiring onshore. It may also be challenging when there is a scarcity of technical experts in the industry you are in.

We offer top-notch technical support services from seasoned experts in the Philippines. Hiring specialists at Flexiosurce IT helps clients reduce up to 70% of costs compared to their onshore counterparts. Reduced costs are beneficial to companies, so they can allocate the funds for other business needs.

For the client’s needs, they hired two staff from Flexisource IT to train for production deployment. The Flexisource IT staff trained with the client’s team for weeks to gauge their internal processes and learn more about their products. Since the staff has similar experiences in the same industry, they quickly familiarise themselves with the client’s day-to-day operations.

Our staff has the mindset of learning new processes and technical knowledge to assist the client. Using the training provided by the client and the coaching and support of our dedicated project manager, the team adapted well. The challenge of product sample delay did not hinder the staff from giving excellent performance during their training. 


Dedicated project manager for overall team performance

Flexisource IT assigns a dedicated project manager to every project to ensure the plans and deliverables are properly executed. Each of Flexisource IT’s project managers has more than 10 years of IT management experience on top of their background in tech.

The assigned project manager in this project specializes in operations and client relations. His 15 years of experience in operations make him most suited to handle the technical support teams offshore.

As the offshore manager, he supervises the progress and tracks the performance of the team. During training, he assisted the staff in learning more about their product to make sure everyone was on the same page with the client. His insights and years of experience help the team mitigate risks and straighten out processes. His suggestions and recommendations are beneficial in improving the methods for his clients.



With the guidance and ample training of the technical support team, the number of tickets resolved for inquiries and issues increased. In a few months, the team is increasingly picking up the pace of accomplishing 60-80 tickets a day, compared to the average of 80 to 100 tickets a day of the onshore staff.

It helps that the staff is adaptive in learning the products of the client. Aside from the client’s training, the offshore team always conducts a huddle session to coach each other and test out their learned knowledge during their training. With this continuous feedback process, it’s easier for the team to adjust and be on the same page with their onshore counterparts.

Aside from the suggestions and recommendations, the dedicated project manager constantly looks for ways to optimize the processes and be more time-efficient. He also strives to improve quality on top of efficiency offshore.

With the exemplary performance of the Flexisource IT team, the client has expanded their team. Aside from their technical support team, the warranty and store support team will now be led by offshore talents from Flexisource IT.



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