Manual Testing

Our Quality Assurance specialists are not afraid to get their hands dirty. Whether there is a need to manually sort out, verify, conduct spot evaluations, our QA experts will go above and beyond to deliver results.

We recognize attention to detail contributes to the overall quality of output, and we know how disastrous it can be without it. This is why we believe there is no substitute for a keen eye of our specialists who are trained for quick response and problem-solving.


Certain things can only be seen with manual testing. While automated tests are generally convenient, it cannot replace the keen intuition and human interaction done by our experts QA specialists.

Our quality experts assure meticulous manual testing for your software. Our developed software also undergoes all the tests before distribution.


Major changes in UI or UX should prompt non-automatic testing. Our QA experts provide extensive reports to address the bugs and issues with utmost urgency in your program and software.

Manual testing wins in terms of cost because automated testing requires more resources and time to code. It is better to opt for manual testing if you are not planning to use the automation on various cycles. Spotting errors and addressing them is more attainable since humans do the reporting.


The versatility of our QA specialists to examine and discover other bugs makes it easier because they will not have to rewrite tests to accommodate new ones. Manual testing is the way to go if you are looking to cover all possible testing cases. We know how to do that and we excel at it. Our highly-skilled, innovative and resourceful QA testers are carefully chosen to give you the best possible service there is.

Most of the automated tools have various limitations and if you are running customized software such as those dedicated to enterprise counterparts, you may need manual testing done by a human being.


Manual testing gives you the benefit of finding real issues that users are more likely to encounter than automated testing which saves your time and money as a business owner. Testing manually is more effective when testing graphics heavy materials which could not be identified by automated testing.

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