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Our team of experts has over a decade of experience in providing businesses in Australia with customised IT solutions to help them achieve their digital transformation goals. 

From IT staff augmentation to software development, we have the expertise you need to take your business to the next level.


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Australian Market Works

Our humble beginnings started from our goal of addressing Australia’s skills shortage and business growth challenges. From there, we built a company that has since evolved into one of the premier IT software enterprises, delivering high-quality and innovative solutions to the Australian market.

Today, Flexisource IT is not just an IT Outsourcing company in the Philippines. We specialise in understanding the unique needs and challenges faced by Australian businesses. Our IT Staff Augmentation services are exclusively ocused on serving Australian clients, understanding their local market to meet their specific requirements, and delivering tailored solutions.

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Discover How We Can Help Your Business!

Software Development Services - Max Quebral

Software Development Services

Our skilled developers can turn your ideas into customised, scalable software, whether web or mobile applications. We deliver user-friendly products using an agile approach for efficient development and timely delivery.

IT Support Services - Edgardo Dela Cruz

IT Support Services

Our IT Support services ensure round-the-clock assistance for network, hardware, and software issues. Our certified technicians minimise downtime and maximise productivity. Trust us as your partner for seamless operations.

Digital Marketing Services​ - Mika Flores

Digital Marketing Services

Boost your online presence with our Digital Marketing Services. From SEO to Online Ads, our experts create tailored campaigns for impactful results. Trust in our data-driven expertise and watch your brand visibility soar.

Experience the Flexisourcing Advantage

Flexisource IT is your gateway to top-calibre and fully managed IT teams, dedicated to serving Australian businesses. We serve as the bridge between companies and top-tier IT talents from the Philippines.

Our hybrid model, the Flexisourcing Advantage, ensures you have access to agile developers, scalable solutions, and world-class service, allowing you to get the best value for your investment.

Let Flexisource IT help you achieve exponential growth!

Flexisource IT

Why Choose Flexisource IT?

Tell us about your needs and we will find the perfect candidate to help you!
Our skilled recruiters will source out candidates and conduct examination based on your requirements.
You will directly meet and interview the candidates.
When the candidate passes your assessment, we will deploy them to work with you and your company.
We will evaluate the candidate based on set KPI.

How We Do Flexisourcing

Flexisource IT has been operating and recruiting IT experts and digital marketers from the Philippines.

We pride ourselves on our quality recruitment process, tailoring and customising an IT outsourcing team, and providing solutions and staff augmentation for you on a more personal level.

From Impossible to Achievable

As one of the top IT outsourcing providers in the Philippines, we strive to bridge the gap between your idea and business goals. Using our knowledge and technology, we have created hundreds of products that have addressed a specific need in Australia.
From Impossible to Achievable​

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