The role of an IT project manager is very important, especially in today’s companies and businesses. Nothing else can compare to the project management skills that of an IT project manager. Especially when it comes to handling major IT projects, this line of work cannot be compromised by letting anyone handle these projects. 

A successful IT project manager banks on the fact that he knows the business side of things and coordinates these with the needed technicalities of the project.

Basically, the IT expertise of the manager is just one part of the job. He can still be qualified even if he’s not the most superior when it comes to his IT skills. Although a deep understanding of such is a requirement, it shouldn’t be the defining skills of a project manager.

Instead, it’s the ability to marry the business and technical side. This is where the overview of the general role of an IT project manager revolves.

Aside from this, here’s how a project manager can be of significant importance to a business or company.

Makes strategic planning for the business

Planning is one thing, but doing it strategically will define your business’ growth. A good IT project manager knows very well how he can provide the right vision and direction to the team. These are all needed when doing a project since it will define the team’s efficiency when it comes to reaching milestones for the project. 

With strategic planning, the manager will also be the one to allow the right number of persons working on a certain part of the project and the needed resources. It is the goal of the IT project manager to make sure that everything – from the workers, time, and monetary resources – are allocated properly to ensure the overall workflow and efficiency of work done on the project.

Control the scope of the project

Most of the time, especially with bigger IT projects, most employees get sidetracked with what they have to do. This is also applicable when a certain company handles more than one project in a given time. An IT project manager controls the scope of a specific project and makes sure that the work being done is aligned to the demands of the project. 

The scope of the project will also be discussed regularly during meetings to make sure that everyone is working on the same page, geared towards a unifying goal.

Addresses the risks

Every IT project has its own set of risks. This applies to every IT project, no matter how well-planned and thought-of the project is. It’s also the reason why an IT project manager should have a background on what the industry is all about. Usually, these risks come from the technicalities. Hence, it can only be addressed by a leader who knows how to go about these technicalities. 

Upon project planning, the work of an IT project manager will also help when it comes to determining the potential risks. In this way, even if the project is still in the planning stage, there are solutions set in place should the team encounter such problems. Addressing the potential risks early on the project will help in its overall efficiency.


These are three things that an IT project manager can do for a company’s IT project. Whether the project is big or small, there has to be someone in charge of overseeing the technical and business side of the project. Having both someones who is technically capable of the project, is a good leader, and knows how to manage the resources effectively will be a good starting point when working with an IT project.

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