Recruitment & Acquisition

Flexisource IT is your best gateway to the top outsourcing talents in the Philippines

We believe that a company is defined by its people. At Flexisource IT, it is our task to help you in deciding which candidates are best suited to building your dedicated offshore IT team. Our recruitment team is driven to provide you with only top-notch candidates who can meet your requirements and expectations.

Our recruitment approach is following a simple but comprehensive process to make sure you only get the best IT professionals on your team.

  • Phone Interview
    We scout and screen the qualified candidates according to your needs. We immediately conduct interviews for applicants.
  • Initial Video Interview
    We conduct a video interview to fast-track the process once they are qualified for the interview.
  • Initial Client Assessment and Qualifications Submission
    Our recruitment team sends you the compilation of phone and video interviews along with the candidate’s CV, references, working experience, skills and other relevant information to help you assess the candidate you prefer to interview.
  • Additional Tests
    If necessary, we will conduct additional tests like skill tests, IQ and EQ tests, and etc., to gauge the candidate’s suitability in your values and requirements.
  • Final Video Interview
    When the applicant passes the initial screenings, we will assist and facilitate your video interview between you and the candidates to get to know them better.
  • Job Offer
    After the interviews and selection of candidates, we help in negotiations and crafting competitive offers for candidates to secure them for you. We make sure that they also comply with other documentary requirements before hiring.
  • Approved Candidate Profile
    Once they accept the offer and submit the necessary documents, we submit them to you for final review and approval.

Flexisource IT is your partner in innovation, creating reliable delivery teams of top-calibre IT professionals in the Philippines. Get access to top-notch outsourced IT support in the Philippines with the fully managed, real-time hand-picked IT teams for your business!

Our flexible outsourcing or flexisourcing, hybrid staff augmentation model helps you personalise teams fitted according to your needs.

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