Software development demands teams to be highly adaptive by being cross-functional and self-organizing. Agile is a unique need that requires team members involved to be highly adaptive to whatever concern that may arise during development and deal with it in a timely manner before it becomes an issue to help meet the developmental deadline.

Flexisource Agile


We are proud to say that we have mastered the Agile project management process by incorporating our own methods of inspection and adaptation. We adhere to this management method, guided by our leadership philosophy hinged on complete collaboration, attention to details, and adaptability to various developments.

Even with the best of plans, things can still go wrong. That’s where Agile comes in. The movement aims to aid software development teams in handling unpredictable circumstances.


With Agile movement, developers can address concerns without stopping the whole development of the app itself. In most cases, Agile can optimise the progress of the project that it is also considered as one of the alternatives to the popular Waterfall development model.

Our familiarity with the Agile movement means they can adjust to accordingly to what may arise during development.


Agile can adjust to all of the requirements that might be discovered along the way compared to other project management methods like the traditional Waterfall model.

While the latter accounts for everything first before moving onto the next phase of the project, it is slower and can be completely derailed once an issue arises. Agile ensures faster progress even when problems may arise along the way. Most software needs to be flexible to keep up in the market.


Agile is advantageous for startups with a few team members. It allows everybody to take on tasks and responsibilities efficiently that may be overwhelming when not organised.

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