Celebrating Our Founder and CEO Richard Gross and His Pragmatic Approach to Innovation

Celebrating Our Founder and CEO Richard Gross and His Pragmatic Approach to Innovation

We know the different faces of our founder and CEO. He is in constant pursuit of innovation, he loves to do charity, and he knows how to have a good time with his team. Let’s get to know more about Flexisource IT’s founder and CEO, Richard Gross!

Conquering the world of Finance and Tech

Prior to founding Flexisource IT, Richard was conquering the finance world as an investments funds manager, stockbroker, and manager of institutional sales covering the global financial landscape. 

He’s been covering the markets in the US, Geneva, Hong Kong, and Australia for over 20 years. He came from a finance background, and he knows the ins and outs of the business world. 

Rich’s work in finance exposed him to various types of companies, but he became more fascinated by the innovation led by startups and tech. It has always been an area of interest for him since many Venture Capitalists (VCs) are investing in startups in Australia. 

VCs paid attention to up-and-coming startups and tech-based businesses in Australia, but lack on-shore talents to fully develop the ideas into fruition. Rich saw this opportunity and strived to solve this by building a bridge that improves both the quality of IT personnel and the large wage disparity through Flexisource IT.

“Flexisourcing” IT

His constant involvement and fascination with tech made Rich quit his former work and decided to turn his ideas into reality. Because of this, he founded his own startup called Flexisource IT, which was born out of the need to provide top-calibre IT talents to the scarce professionals onshore. 

“Flexisource IT” is the name that Rich has thought of which encompasses what the company stands for –flexible outsourcing. With the hybrid model of outsourcing, the company is able to supply highly-skilled IT professionals in the Philippines that are the best fit with the clients in Australia.

“My idea really was to go to the Philippines to create that innovation since it is a good avenue to create that model from Australia. There’s a lot of excitement regarding startups in the Philippines right now,” he said. 

The company ensured the efficiency of a simultaneous customer and business support which prioritises better results while providing lesser risk than traditional outsourcing. 

Growing a future-proof company

Flexisource IT is a dedicated IT company that specialises in Agile development with particular expertise using Scrum and Kanban methodologies for companies in Australia. The company offers mobile and web services, application, technical and customer support, digital marketing and design, among others. 

“Flexisource is still growing but we want to be an innovation lab for our clients. We’re already delivering their product and it grows faster because we actually know what they’re trying to achieve, while we adjust amongst other new-founded goals,” he said.

On top of its top-calibre IT talents, the company also provides dedicated project managers to ensure projects are accomplished as efficiently as possible. The strong management team led by Founder and CEO Rich, COO Missy, and the administration team, along with the hard work and perseverance of every employee has led Flexisource IT to what it is today.

Flexisource IT is expanding its services through various partnerships and upcoming projects to be future-ready.

  • FlexiLabs in partnership with Hackdays Australia
  • FlexiLearning Labs
  • Online Team
  • Digital Marketing Services in partnership with Tribalism
  • Milestone Projects

“Share your idea, don’t think that anyone is going to steal it. Your ideas won’t flourish if you won’t share it. People need to get excited about it and it’s going to be your passion that will help make it happen.”

Without Rich’s visions for Flexisource IT and the efforts of the management and employees,  we wouldn’t have been able to go this far. In the midst of a pandemic, it’s reassuring to have a Founder and CEO who continues to persevere despite the global recession. Thank you, Rich!

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