Startup Community Silicon Beach Website Set to Launch in Manila

Startup Community Silicon Beach Website Set to Launch in Manila

With the true spirit of creating a nurturing community of startups in the world, L.A. and Melbourne-based startup community Silicon Beach is set to formally open its doors in the Philippines.

Silicon Beach is the home of more than 500 tech startups all over the world and startup incubators such as Amplify.LA, Disney Accelerator, and TechStars Cedars Sinai. Some of the startup companies that were based at Silicon Beach are Dollar Shave Club, Hulu, Riot Games, Snap Inc., Tala, and Tinder.

In the Asia-Pacific, Silicon Beach is cultivating startups in Australia –mainly in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth.

Later this year, Silicon Beach will officially launch in Manila, Philippines that will cater to up-and-coming tech startups in the country (and the Southeast Asian Region). Southeast Asia has a 58% Internet penetration rate according to Hootsuite and We Are Social, and the Philippines is one of the highest social media penetration in the world with 99% second to Malaysia.

With its rising economy, purchasing power, and ICT expertise, the Philippines is a great area to establish the Southeast Asian arm of the esteemed startup community.

Silicon Beach Manila Community

Silicon Beach Manila has already begun searching for entrepreneurs, innovators, investors, and talents with world-changing ideas on its latest Pitch Night held last January 31, 2019 at ASPACE Makati. It was attended by rising entrepreneurs and innovators. This event was facilitated and organized by Flexisource IT and its CEO Richard Gross.

These coming months, Silicon Beach Manila will be launching its members-only website for entrepreneurs which will be the official community portal of the startup community in the country.

The portal will include all the informative content, news and trends updates, plus exclusive events available for all Silicon Beach members.

Moving forward, Silicon Beach plans to establish more events to connect people and businesses and establish an active community of entrepreneurs, investors, and innovators of various industries. In the future, this community will be patterned after LA’s and Melbourne’s culture, with several major incubators on the field to help these startups.

Interested individuals may join forums and discussions on Silicon Beach’s official Facebook Page, Facebook Group, and Slack Channel.

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