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Our client builds custom web & mobile applications for mid-tier corporates and well-funded startups. They actively seek to apply both Lean and Agile principles to their work. They are also the founder of two successful tech startups. Most of their work is delivered in an Agile fashion by teams of 2 – 5+ people and most projects run from 3 – 6 months.

Why would you want this job?

Great projects – mostly complex web platforms along with regular work in mobile apps and machine learning. Diverse range of clients across a broad range of industries. Projects are big enough to be interesting, small enough to give you variety. Moving projects is a key source of informal training.

Fun, caring atmosphere – a 25-person business, big enough to be organised & small enough to be fun.

Smart team – your colleagues are smart programmers. PMs aren’t too shabby either. The two founders are software engineers themselves.

Training & career development – work in small teams, lots of peer review, weekly training sessions plus and tailored individual development programs.

What skills will you need to get the job?

They care most about coding skills (not specific experience or qualifications) – most staff stay for a long time (many over 10 years) and they can teach a good programmer Django and React in a month or two. So whilst knowing the tech helps it’s more important to find great developers and they will teach you specific skills you’re missing.

Team and individual  you can work well without supervision but also form an active part of a team. You are keen to learn and have the patience to teach others. When you hit roadblocks, you communicate early.

Niceness – no jerks please.

Most of all, you’ll need a passion for writing code. Typically staff here have spent years writing code in their spare time, just for fun because they love it. The result is they’re all great programmers.

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