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Are you passionate about building great software? Are you interested in the front-end user experience as much as the back-end application architecture, performance and scalability?

We are looking for talented full stack developers at a mid level or above to join our team. You will be involved in all aspects of our software development lifecycle, and must be comfortable tackling complex problems and coming up with innovative solutions. You’ll be working with modern technologies, and will have the freedom to propose and experiment with new technologies.

Our client operates on a 60-40 rule, where 60% of the dev team effort goes towards new feature development, while the remaining 40% goes towards existing software quality. What this means in practice is that within that 40% time, we first fix any bugs. Once any outstanding bugs have been fixed, the remainder of that 40% time is available for the dev team to manage themselves. eg. this can be used for: refactoring some frustrating part of the code base; building automated tooling that helps automate some mundane task; experimenting with a new technology/framework that could help our existing or future product features, etc – basically any work that helps the dev team move faster and/or improving codebase quality.

Skills & Requirements

Our client’s cloud-based SaaS product is hosted on AWS and built on a c# .net core (.net5) back-end, and combined svelte/angular js front-end. They are also in the process of upgrading their database layer to postgres via AWS Aurora. Experience with any of this specific technology stack is a bonus, but not required – our focus is on skilled engineers who can learn, adapt and apply new technologies in varying scenarios.

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