As with any exercise in communication, the key to a successful exchange is building rapport, and this is something our outbound services specialists are quite well-trained in.

Reaching out to potentially clueless people about brands and businesses, or doing follows up on issues can be quite a challenge even for the most seasoned of customer service specialists, but because we value fostering a good working relationship with anyone we deal with, this trait in integrated in how our specialists conduct themselves, and to this date, it has never failed them.


That trait, coupled with a well-rounded knowledge of the service or product they are tasked to handle makes our specialist quite the leader in this field, chalking up more satisfied customers with every successful outbound endeavor.

Sometimes, you have to take the initiative and reach out to customers who may need your particular set of services or business. Relying on inbound calls and queries may not be enough to sustain your growth. That’s where our outbound customer service specialists come in.


We train our specialists on the best practices for getting new customers. You can be guaranteed that our specialists will do their best to get new customers to sign up for your service or business.

Sending out regular emails may be effective to get new leads, but may not be efficient. A human touch for customer service is still unique and can result in a higher conversion rate. They can also appear to be more friendly which is always the preferred case for getting new customers.


One problem is that you and your staff can only handle so much calls every day. Let us take the bulk work as our outbound customer service specialists are the best at what they do. There is no need to take your eyes off the goal of your business.

If your service or product is highly technical, a simple email may not enough to explain its usefulness. In addition, a complex message may not be read at all by your potential customers. Telemarketing can make it easier for your business to get your message across to your audience.


Your business will not be seen as a faceless corporation. Using our outbound specialists will lead to people associating your brand with satisfaction. Your outreach will not be seen as spam as a real human person is behind the calls.

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Being known specialists in IT Outsourcing, we provide you with the option of handpicking your very own dedicated offshore workforce that will suit your staff augmentation needs. Fill up the contact form detailing what you need and we’ll respond as soon as we can.

We also appreciate feedback of any kind, especially those that can improve our services and ourselves as a company.

So let us know what YOU think, send us your questions, opinions, suggestions and/or recommendations and we’ll do our best to reply in the soonest possible time.


Flexisource IT’s commitment to excellence has created many long-time business relationships over the years and has continued to attract new customers across many different markets both locally and from abroad.

The company’s culture of excellence is reflected in its selection of staff for itself and other business clients. After a rigorous screening system and internationally-accredited training, Flexisource IT’s personnel are armed with the professional aptitude to fulfill any task requirements. If our clients have other specialized requirement, we help them find the person they’re looking for. The value doesn’t stop there as we provide an alpha project manager that helps communicate your goals to your offshore dedicated staff for free.

Our long list of currently existing clients is a testament to our commitment of excellence and delivering quality services. By aligning our clients’ goals with ours, we’re able to come up with strategies and tactics that don’t only achieve their desired results, but also help them save up on time and money. Through the years, they’ve remained our most loyal customers because of our staunch dedication to achieving their business goals in a timely and efficient manner.

Whether it’s IT Development or Customer support services, Flexisource IT is dedicated to providing you with the kind of quality you would expect from a business partner rather than just another outsourcer.

If you’re looking for a company that’s dedicated to bringing you quality service, you have found the right one. Give us a call or send us a message and we’ll get back to your shortly.

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