why outsourcing to the philippines is your best bet

Numbers don’t lie: Why Outsourcing to the Philippines is your best bet

There is a good chance you’ve read a multitude of posts and articles specifying why it’s a good idea to outsource to this or that country.  This can’t be helped, the sudden boom in the outsourcing industry, with all of its diverse offshore services, has created the mindset that it is the best option for any size of business.

Why do the work yourself when you could always outsource?  A few valid ideas come to mind, but rather than debate it, there are quite a number of verifiable and valid reasons why a business should consider the services of a reputable outsourcing service.  On the top of the list of location countries is the Philippines, for the very simple reason of impressive numbers.

900,000 in 2013

It is said that of all the variables one may consider in life, numbers can always be counted on, pun intended.  Back in 2013, still rather early in chronological history of the outsourcing industry, the Philippines had around 900,000 professionals, specialists, experts, and what-have-you all working in the outsourcing industry, lending their respective skills to business abroad seeking to augment their operations.  To think that this was quite a few years ago.  This number has exponentially increased today, and there is no sign of it stopping in the near future.

If one is to follow simple logic in this matter, this number would not have reached this phenomenal point if the services provided by the outsourcing companies in the Philippines were any less than stellar in performance.  Most businesses abroad have stringent standards in the way they do work, and most likely also operate in an immensely competitive environment.  These reasons alone already dictate that if the processes a business has outsourced is anything less than above the benchmark, then the company is simply throwing away money and losing the race.

Annual Growth Driver

THe Philippines has posted a positive annual growth rate increase of at least 10 percent on the year.  This growth is largely driven by foreign companies investing heavily in the outsourcing industry currently thriving in the country.  Most naysayers had, quite early on the days of outsourcing in the country, said that this is one of those industrial booms that will fizzle out after some time, attributing this claim to the fact that in the eyes of the more financially well-off countries, the Philippines is just a backwater third-world destination, only viable for the beaches and exotic food and nothing else.

Following the growth propelled by contact centers over the years, the naysayers again said that the boom in the outsouring industry will be mostly focused solely on voice-based support and after-sales services and nothing more, since the Philippines does boast of an immensely large population of English-speaking professsionals.  A few years after the advent and boom of the contact centers, technical support services started picking up and growing.  Today, the Philippines is host to a staggering amount of tech and IT-centric outsourced services, with most catering to major companies and brands all over the world.

Viable Location

Being located quite nears to the hubs of technology such as Japan and Korea, the Philippines has never been left behind when it comes to exposure to the latest technology.  This is made even more evident by the fact that a staggering number of locals are quite interested and savvy when it comes to learning, manipulating, and even developing innovative technological solutions.  Being also steeped in the arts and other creative influences, the country has also become a go-to country for needs relevant to digital marketing, which is inevitable in the technology industry.

The location also necessarily dictates that the Philippines is also the recipient of the latest technology in the region, and may even receive the latest innovations from as far as North America and Europe, as the sheer interest in technology has propelled a lot of locals to build their own local businesses that center on the sales, development, distribution, and marketing of various technological products and even related services.

This being the case, it is no wonder that the Philippines does come up quite close to the top results when searches for providers of viable technology and tech aupport services are done.  Far from just being bouyed by lofty adjectives and crafty wordsmiths, the Philippines is actually backed by statistical data when it comes to proving why it is the best source for tech support-related searches.

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