Staff Augmentation

How to Use Staff Augmentation Properly

Staff augmentation is an emerging solution that can help businesses with their employment problems. Not every company has the resources to tackle staffing solutions on their own.

Some businesses may need to hire new members to their core team, but they do not know where to start. Outsourcing companies can provide staff augmentation for such businesses whether they just need to hire temporary ones or to just outsource services.

Why Use Staff Augmentation?

There are many benefits in using staff augmentation for a client’s business. First and foremost, it allows the client or the business owner to tackle the problem head-on even with if time is not on their side.

Simply posting a job ad on various networks may not work at all especially if there is a looming deadline. It may take too much time to search for candidates, let alone interview them individually.

Staff augmentation will almost always bring faster results for a client looking to hire more talent for their team. Another benefit is that it is often cheaper than having to go through all of the tedious hiring steps. Clients will be able to take the load off from their human resources team and can pay less.

Outsourcing companies can also give clients better talents since they can provide candidates that are more qualified and certified than the ones in the local pool. Such talents often have more experience which makes them even better to hire.

Tasks that can usually take fresh graduates days can be done by experts in a matter of hours. While that is certainly not always the case, clients can rest easy knowing that their projects are in better, expert hands.

All of the flexibility also allows the client to save time and divert their focus into critical tasks. More resources can also be used for purchasing office equipment, employee benefits, and more.

How to Use Staff Augmentation?

Staff augmentation is a powerful tool for businesses both for those who want to scale up and those who just want an extra hand for bigger projects. However, it needs to be executed correctly as not to waste time and money.

Internal Planning

Before doing anything else, the client should consult with their team and plan what they need to hire. Outsourcing companies can immediately give what clients need provided that all proper information has been sent.

Clients need to figure out how much they are willing to spend and for how long. This is in addition to what skills they need to look for who they will be hiring.

A solid plan for staff augmentation should be expected. This will also make the process easier for the outsourcing companies.

Team Communication

The client’s team should be informed of what is going to happen. They may be surprised to see new workmates or outsourced team members. It is better to have them prepared early on so they can also welcome the new team members with open arms. Any internal documents can also be prepared so that there will be less time wasted in the onboarding process.

Proper Training

One of the challenges of staff augmentation is that the augmented staff do need training for internal processes and such. They are sometimes temporary staff but they do need to be informed on company policies and more.

Once augmented staff have been onboarded, the client should make sure that they will be properly trained in internal processes and any other proprietary software that they may use. There should also be proper monitoring for the augmented staff.

Staff Augmentation Scouting

Before hiring anyone, the client should be able to scout for companies that will provide their needed results. There are many firms out there that offer staff augmentation, but not all of them are equal.

Clients can ask for anecdotal evidence online or through their colleagues. They need to make sure that the company that they will be in business with will provide high-quality talents.

Negotiation is also part of the scouting process. Staff augmentation is already less expensive than the traditional hiring process, but it does not mean that the client cannot negotiate for better rates. This will help the client save even more money and time.

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