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How to Outsource Customer Support The Right Way

Customer support can bring huge value to a client’s business as it can keep customers from going away or even convert them into being brand advocates.

Why Customer Support?

When a company releases a product, the journey and experience of the customer does not stop with the purchase. In fact, it has just started.

For instance, a new software may have been just bought by a customer. However, the customer seems to be having a problem with the product.

Even after reading the Frequently Asked Questions, or FAQS, about the software, the customer still does not know what to do about their problem. What is their next course of action?

Customers often call the support hotline of the product in question. Good products always have customer support lines for this very reason.

Once the customer calls the hotline and gets paired up with a representative, another interaction with the brand itself begins. The customer support agent represents the product and the brand that they work for.

If the customer is happy about the customer service, he or she is more likely to return and purchase more products. If the opposite is true, the customer might try something else instead. Frustrated customers even vent out their frustrations on the Internet which can be very bad for a business’s reputation. Picture the countless rants on Twitter and Facebook. It only takes one tweet or post to be viral.

With a proper customer support service, a client’s customers will most likely be happier. They will be guided accordingly and no complaints will be filed. Happy customers can also vouch for the brand itself which, in turn, can give it a huge boost in its image.

Why Outsource Customer Support?

Hiring a support team directly can be quite cumbersome and expensive.The client will need to seek out and look for talents that will join the team. One is certainly not enough.

Finding talents can take more time and resources which can be very valuable to a company. After looking for candidates, the interview and background checks can even be harder on the company.

Training is also needed for the new recruits. This can also take away precious resources as they will need to be monitored regularly.

Office equipment such as tables, chairs, computers, and headsets are also needed for each individual person on the support team. Again, this can be quite expensive. Supervisors are also needed but they do add up for the cost.

Outsourcing eliminates most of the problems. The outsourcing companies already have their own teams set up and ready to go. A little bit of internal training and briefing is all that is needed to bring excellent service for the client.

Generally, outsourcing is cheaper than direct hiring. This is because there is no need for bonuses and other fees that a client would otherwise need to pay under direct hiring circumstances.

There is also no need for having to search for talents since the outsourcing companies already have them. They have a team ready to be outsourced. They do, however, work remotely. This also saves up office space since customer support teams tend to do better in larger numbers, which can just take up too much space in offices. It can also reduce electricity bills and save up on Internet bandwidth.

How to Outsource Properly

So how can clients outsource customer support properly?

Communicate – Clients should communicate what they want. These include milestones and any other goals that they may want to reach at a certain time.Terms of the deals should also be clear before signing any contract.

Monitor – After getting a customer support team outsourced, the supervisors should be monitoring their performance. If the client is not happy about some metrics, adjustments should be made or expectations need to be managed.

Analyze – Clients should analyze the performance metrics that they are getting. What problems seem to be the most common? What time do the customers usually call? How long are the calls itself? These points of data can be used to improve the customer support service even more.

Praise – Give credit where it is due. Clients should not be stingy in giving praises for teams that do exhibit prowess in their work. It can increase morale and more.

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