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How to Avoid Shady Outsourced Link Building Companies

Considering the benefits that search engine optimization brings to businesses globally, it’s no surprise that companies spend thousands of dollars just on this specific venture. The promise of being considered an authority or a leading provider of a product or service is simply too much of an opportunity to let go of. That, plus potentially putting your website in the front page of the most popular and most-used search engines gives you more opportunities of achieving your business’ bottomline.

All these benefits of course are brought about by 1) on-site optimization and 2) off-site optimization (link building). On-site optimization is simply modifying your website’s code and content (particularly those factors that we have direct control over) so that it’s easily crawled and indexed by Google (or whichever Search Engine you’re optimizing for). Link building, by definition, is the process of acquiring links that redirect to your main website for the purposes of improving its SEO value.

Link building, however, has been riddled with stories of controversy and shady companies trying to guarantee first page rankings right off the bat. Often, businesses get swindled by inexperienced if not malicious companies and get burned thereby costing them resources.

How do you know if you’re being swindled? Besides doing research on link building best practices, it’s critical that you know how the process works. It’s also essential to know how their process works because you want to know the quality of the links they have. That said, here’s link building’s 3-step process coupled with what you should know about each.

Link Prospecting

Finding the right websites to acquire links from is crucial if you want to have a successful link building campaign. You can also analyze a website’s SEO value to you by looking at these metrics:

  • Domain Authority
  • Page Authority
  • Citation Flow
  • Trust Flow
  • Referring Domains
  • Link Profile Analysis
  • Traffic

It’s essential that you ask these data from your prospective outsourcer because of two things: 1) to verify if they know what they’re doing and 2) because you want to know where they’re getting their links from. Having a link from an otherwise irrelevant website might actually cause you more harm than good and have your website tagged negatively. Once this happens, it’s hard to get back in Google’s good graces and you might end up spending more than you initially wanted.

Link Outreach

You need to be aware of how your outsourcer reaches out to their prospect websites. Do they buy these links? Do they have an existing link network or content farm that artificially gives synthetic SEO value to websites? Because if any of the above are correct, there’s a high possibility that your site gets penalized by Google. Play it safe, ask your provider how they reach out to these sites so that you’re aware of how your website’s rankings will do in the future.

Link Placement and Tracking

Lastly, but certainly not least, be aware of how your provider places links and tracks your performance. Do they write excellent content or do they just publish hidden links behind advertisements? At the end of the day, knowing how strategically they place your links and define key performance indicators should give you an idea how they work as a company.

Knowledge of these processes allows you to verify if the company you’re going to work with is a fake or is fairly inexperienced, thus allowing you to save up on much valued resources.  When outsourcing link building services, make it a point to ask peers and look at online reviews as well.

Overall though, maintaining a specifically high level of vigilance and caution is required to avoid being duped by shady seo companies that might otherwise bring your business more harm than good.

Do you know of link building tactics and strategies? Would you want to share any SEO stories (both good and bad)? Have you had any experience with outsourced SEO? What other tips would you give to avoid getting burned by shady SEO companies? Discuss in the comments section!

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