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Social Media Outsourcing Blunders Every Company Makes

Outsourcing your social media marketing efforts might seem like a bad idea at first considering how in-line your team should be with your overall marketing message and business goals. Amazingly, competitive offshore teams (with some semblance of firsthand training and an excellent background in marketing) still manage to pull it off without issue.

Of course, most companies don’t have the privilege of doing outsourced social media marketing right the first time. There are a lot of blunders and mistakes that both the outsourcer and the client make and, more often than not, this leads to the cancellation of the former’s services.

Listed below are 3 of these social media outsourcing blunders, what usually causes each and how you can avoid if not completely resolve them.


Whether it’s a misunderstanding in terms of contract stipulations or in terms of Facebook captions and other social media platform posts, miscommunication happens a lot. This happens for a variety of reasons, two of the most pressing causes are 1) dismissal of responsibility and 2) having no effective feedback mechanism to suit both the outsourcer and the client.

For the first cause, if you’ve never heard of a seagull manager, it’s simply someone who’ll be gone for a relatively extended period of time and returns with a bunch of to-dos and tasks. This is obviously a problem because it doesn’t give the outsourcer enough of a time frame to adjust their workload thus making the deliverable a little under quality. The second cause is far more encompassing in that it considers the background of both parties and how different both are.

The solution to both is fairly simple: to establish a clear and open line of communication where both parties can talk to each other regarding expectations and agreements.

Unclear Goals

This might be the biggest problem that plagues the relationship of social media outsourcer and client. Having an unclear and poorly-communicated set of goals can jeopardize a social media campaign in the get-go, making the company spend time and effort on something that didn’t turn out too successful. Besides the obvious solution that is clear communication, however, resolving this issue might take more than that.

For instance, you, the client may say that they actually want to increase their company’s reach but are also expecting a rise in sales without explicitly communicating this out loud. The outsourcer would then proceed to utilize all their resources in coming up with a strategy that increases reach without necessarily optimizing your website or Facebook Page for conversion or engagement with your target audience.

How do you resolve this? It’s as simple as knowing what you want. And as a business, it’s almost always going to be the bottom-line. How many sales can be made from this campaign? How many leads do I need to generate to come up with one customer? How many people from my target audience do I need to reach in order to generate x amount of leads?

These are questions you have to be able to answer yourself before engaging with a social media outsourcing provider. Once you’ve done that, it’s essential to communicate and align these specific, measurable, actionable, realistic and time-bound goals to your outsourcer. If you’ve chosen a competitive team, you’re going to get key performance indicators that contribute to your goals and you both can work from there.

Inefficient Staffing

The problem with companies that are not necessarily social media savvy is that they usually make an assumption that this is only social media and that an intern can help handle it. The same assumption is made by other outsourcers who, more or less, are hired by companies to perform other digital marketing initiatives and have decided to include social media as a bonus package. The result? A poorly-executed social media campaign that did more harm to the company than good.

The cause of having an inefficient team handle your social media is really as basic as not really knowing how crucial and important social media is. Once you’ve established that social media is more of an actual business NEED than it is a part of a bonus package, you’ll take hiring personnel for it more seriously.

Also, you might need to screen people who will be handling your social media campaigns. We at Flexisource IT allow you to do that through staff augmentation.

These are the 3 common blunders when it comes to social media outsourcing. What other mistakes do you feel deserve to be in this list? What’s your social media story? Share in the comments below.

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