How Recruitment Process Outsourcing Helps

Recruitment process outsourcing has its own advantages. Businesses can use the outsourced human resources help to increase their manpower without spending too much for the hiring procedure itself.

Why Outsource Recruitment Process?

There can be a lot of reasons why the process of recruiting and improving it should be outsourced. However, probably the most obvious reason is to reduce the costs altogether through outsourcing.

Outsourcing is undeniably less expensive in most situations. They also save space and other costs that may stem from additional people staying in the physical office space. This is usually true for startups that do not have their own HR yet

Another reason for outsourcing the process is to offload the responsibility from the HR itself so that they may be able to focus on more critical tasks.

Still, it does not mean that every recruiting responsibility will be handled by the RPO provider. RPO also includes the improvement of the said process for the client itself in the long run.

What is Included in Recruitment Process Outsourcing?

As the name suggests, all of the recruitment procedures are included in the outsourced service itself. Most tasks are handled by the RPO provider, but they still report to the clients about their findings.

Candidate Research

Recruitment processes often start with candidate research. It can be a time-consuming task altogether since the recruiter will need to seek out potential candidates for a job opening.

After searching for potential recruits, checking the background for each candidate will be the next step. This includes checking for educational attainments, previous work experience, portfolio, and more.

Having to go through tens or even hundreds of applicants can be quite a daunting responsibility. With the recruitment process outsourced, there is no need to stress out about the tasks anymore.

Clients will be able to set their standards to narrow the search even further. Rest assured, only the best qualified candidates will be presented for the openings.

Hiring Manager Training

One common misconception about recruitment process outsourcing is that everything will be handled by the outsourcer. RPO also includes the training and improvement of people involved in the hiring process for the client.

Hiring managers can be trained to look out for the best candidates and how to vet them appropriately. This can include trainings for interviews and proper communication channels for the recruits.

The end goal of RPO is to help provide a better process altogether for the client even after the project is done. Some help can still be acquired to offload the tasks to make a more efficient workflow in the hiring process.

Process Mapping

Since the end goal would be to improve the entire process for the client, one of the tasks included for RPO is the process mapping itself. This task involves determining the current recruiting process and practices the client is using.

Each of the steps in the hiring procedure is then scrutinized to see whether it is actually effective. This includes setting metrics or analyzing the statistics of the current process.

If there are any phases that needs adjusting or removal, the RPO provider will make recommendations. It is still up to the client whether they want to move things.

Reporting and Audits

Almost all outsourcing services cover reports and recruitment process is not an exception. Team leaders or supervisors of the RPO service will regularly send reports and findings. This includes analytics and metrics for the candidate research and even process mapping tasks.

One of the first tasks that need to be done in order to ensure a smooth service altogether for RPO is auditing. RPO providers will audit the current process itself to see whether it needs any changes or just to set a baseline on how they are doing.

All reports and audits along with the recommendations and analysis are sent to the client for review. This is done every after change that has been implemented on the recruitment process

RPO can help both short and long term goals for a startup or an enterprise through additional hiring and improving the recruitment process. It is less expensive than having to move around everything internally. Having others analyze the process also gives a new perspective.

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